Thursday, November 29, 2007

Watch Comcast Cable Channel 3 (Government TV) at 7 PM, Monday for Replay of November Meeting Meeting (re: Plaza Vendors, Illegal Dumping Settlement

Watch Comcast Cable Channel 3 (Government TV) at 7 PM, Monday for Replay of November 13, 2007 City Commission Meeting (re: Plaza Vendors, City's Illegal Dumping Settlement)

City Commission held a meeting at 8 AM on November 13, depriving the public of the right to attend or watch it at the regular time.

This is one of seven un-televised meetings City Commission held in the last two years. The others were two Sunshine violations where Ron Brown was hired as City Attorney and four Budget meetings where our City's budget was rubberstamped while the public was treated rudely, with questions never answered.

At the November 13th meeting, SUSAN BURK complained about Mayor JOSEPH LEROY BOLES, JR. privatizing the tree-lighting ceremony for a charity, leaving Commissioners out of it. Priceless. Then Commissioners had a dog-and-pony show, finally allowed public testimony and voted 5-0 to kick artists out of the Plaza.

Then they approved the supposed "settlement" of their illegal dumping (Commissioners GEORGE GARDNER, ex- Mayor and SUSAN BURK, ex-Vice-Mayor, both having left the meeting), with no public comment allowed. See below. Tune in at 7 PM on Monday and sit down for 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Watch these Scrooges with your family and friends -- watch for yourself government cloddishness at its very worst and despicable. Then think about who needs to run for City Commission next year. How about you?

Then contemplate who needs to resign. See below.

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