Friday, October 20, 2017

Time To Evaluate ALL Planned Unit Developments in St. Augustine, Florida (HCN)

St. Augustine has never evaluated its existing Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) a/k/a "a sneaky way to get around zoning," in the words of Cathy Brown, former PZB member and retired Council on Aging Director.   PUDs are approved, and no one ever evaluates whether they really serve a public purpose.  Past is prologue. Failure to evaluate existing PUDs makes for lousy laws and bad new PUDs.

Developers call the shots.  It's painfully obvious.

When I asked for a list in 2015, City of St. Augustine Planning and Building Director DAVID BIRCHIM said there was none, whereupon government watchdog Ms. B.J. Kalaidi went upstairs and got it for me.

What does BIRCHM have to hide?  Why won't he provide board members and the public with all PZB and HARB application files in electronic format on the web?

BIRCHIM fears transparency -- hates it so much that he said to me, "You keep chipping away!"

BIRCHIM went to work for the City of St. Augustine in 1997 after earning his graduate degree at UT; he's never worked anywhere else.

BIRCHIM's one of the reasons why developers are still throwing their weight around the City of St. Augustine.  He worked under MARK KNIGHT and ex-Mayors WEEKS and BOLES.

BIRCHIM needs to think for himself instead of acting like a shill for developers.

Here's a handy list of PUDs -- why not print it out and put it on your refrigerator and ask questions, demand answers and expect democracy?

From Historic City News:

PUD approval within St Augustine city limits

Within the city limits of the City of St. Augustine, Historic City News finds that there is very little which is more controversial than the use of a Planned Unit Development to circumvent established zoning. In fact, many critics of the practice refer to a PUD as “spot zoning”.
The following is a list of all approved PUD plans, including their ordinance numbers, effective date, as well as individual descriptive names and the current status of the plans.
2013-085/23/2013PUD AMENDMENTS – Amending Chapter 28, Sections 28-286 thru 28-291 related to PUD’S
2005-3712/22/2005PUD AMENDMENTS – Amending Sec. 28-286 through 28-291 of the PUD Code
2013-042/11/2013Alligator Farm Zoological Park PUDCompleted
1993-011/25/1993Anastasia Lakes PUD – Time extension (see Ord. 1990-20)Completed
1990-201/14/1991Anastasia Lakes PUDCompleted
2009-114/27/2009The Boys & Girls Club PUD Modifying  (See Ord. 2007-26)Completed
2007-262/14/2008The Boys & Girls Club of St. Augustine PUD (W. King Street)Completed
2013-2210/14/201324 Cathedral Place PUDCompleted
2011-034/11/2011Columbia Restaurant – PUD (98 St. George St.)Completed
2000-389/2/2001Target – PUDCompleted
2005-0710/9/2006Coquina Shores PUD (36 May St)Active – Undeveloped
2003-124/24/2003The Coral Landing Seaside PUD at 11 Tremerton St. and amending the terms and conditions of the PUD (See Ord. 1992-26 & Ord. 1990-07Completed – not built out
2015-24Rezoning approx. .96 acres of property located at intersections of Cordova St., St. George St. and Bridge St. from HP-1 to PUDCompleted
1998-136/18/1998Eagles Crest West Inc. PUD – aka Seagate Woods / Lions GateCompleted
1985-175/29/1985Flagler College Dormitories to PUD – Rezoning (Valencia St. & Carrera St.)Completed
2003-215/22/2008Flagler College Men’s Residence Dorm PUD – 94 Cedar St.Completed
2012-0710/8/2012Flagler College New Classroom Building at 31 Cordova PUDCompleted
2010-176/14/2010Flagler College Welcome Center – PUD (63 Cordova St.)Completed
2013-189/6/2013Flagler Crossing – PUD Amending  (see Ord. 2006-31)Active – Undeveloped
2006-3111/13/2006Flagler Crossing – PUD US 1 North (Amended see Ord. 2013-18)Active – Undeveloped
2205-022/14/2005Genovar Annexation PUDCompleted
2009-022/9/2009Hilton Bayfront Inn PUDCompleted
2002-097/22/2002Home Depot PUD Amending (see Ord. 1999-34)Completed
1999-34Home Depot PUD (Amended 2002-09)Completed
2015-11The Horn at Harbor Isle PUD (See Ord. 2002-08) Modifying by allowing time extension for residential townhomes known as Sunset PointCompleted – not built out
2002-085/23/2002The Horn at Harbor Isle & Sunset Pointe – PUDCompleted – not built out
2013-2410/14/2013THE ICE PLANT PUD – 112 Riberia St. Amending (See Ord. 2012-11)Completed
2012-119/24/2012The ICE PLANT PUD – (Amended see Ord. 2013-24)Completed
2010-207/12/2010100 Islander Drive – PUD (SR 312)Completed
2014-088/7/2014117 M L King Ave. – PUD Amending in order to provide for commercial signage (see Ord. 2008-17, Ord. 2013-02)Completed
2013-023/14/2013117 M L King Ave – PUD Amending to provide additional parking, residential units on floor 2, additional commercial uses (see Ord. 2008-17, 2014-08)Completed
2008-1710/13/2008117 M L King Ave PUDCompleted
1991-371/27/1992157-159 Marine St. Extension of PUD (See Ord. 1990-07)Expired
1990-077/5/1900157 – 159 Marine St. – Rezoning property to PUDExpired
2005-381/9/2006North Florida Commerce Center PUD Modifying to establish the Whispering Creek Town Center PUD (see Ord. 2004-02)Expired
2004-022/5/2004North Florida Commerce Center – PUD (Amended see 2005-38)Expired
1999-238/5/1999North Florida Commerce Center – PUDExpired
1991-012/7/1991North River PUD – (Amends Sec. 7, see Ord 87-7) Extending the North River PUDExpired
1989-052/23/1989North River PUD – provides zoning extension (see Ord. 1987-7)Expired
2001-401/24/2002Old Sebastian Pointe PUD (see Ord. 2001-21)Completed
2001-218/3/2001Old Sebastian Pointe – PUD (Amended see 2001-40)Completed
1994-421/23/1995179 Oneida St. – PUD RezoningExpired
1985-023/11/1985Pelican Reef – PUDCompleted – not built out
2011-2611/14/2011The Plaza & Casa Buildings PUD – 1 King St. & 8 Marine St.Completed
2015-344000 N. Ponce De Leon Resort PUD / Maderia – Modifying (see Ord. 2001-12)Completed – not built out
2001-126/21/20014000 N. Ponce De Leon Resort & Convention Center PUD (see 1989-28)Completed – not built out
2009-279/14/2009415 S. Ponce De Leon PUD Amending  (See Ord. 2008-12)Expired
2008-127/14/2008415 S. Ponce De Leon Restaurant PUDCompleted
1990-011/22/19903 Radio Rd & Dufferin St. & PUD – Extension of time limit (Amending Sec. 2 of Ord. 1988-31)Completed – not built out
1988-316/23/19883 Radio Rd – PUD Matanzas Bay Villas (Amended see Ord. 2006-38)Completed – not built out
2006-148/14/2006The Rivers Edge PUD (S. Ponce De Leon Blvd)Expired
2011-087/25/2011The Rivers View Hotel PUD Amending (see Ord. 2008-02)Completed
2008-022/11/2008The Rivers View Hotel – PUD (Amended see Ord. 2011-08)Completed
2014-1311/6/2014St. Augustine Shipyards – PUD (255 Diesel Rd)Completed – not built out
2008-2412/8/2008100 St. George Street PUD – Modifying The Bubble Room (see Ord. 2008-08)Completed
2008-085/12/2008100 St. George Street PUD (Amended see 2008-24)Completed
2013-301/27/2014110 St. George St. PUD – establishingCompleted
2008-301/22/2008St. Johns County Council on Aging PUD Modifying (see Ord. 2001-06)Completed
2001-064/5/2001St. Johns Country Council on Aging Inc PUDCompleted
2015-45San Marco Hotel PUD amendment 6 Castillo Dr. (see Ord. 2006-16)Active – Undeveloped
2006-167/24/2006San Marco Hotel PUD (Amended see Ord. 2015-45)Active – Undeveloped
1987-074/3/198728 San Marco Ave from CTA to PUD – North River PUD application RezoningExpired
2007-148/23/2007San Sebastian Inland Harbor PUD Modifying (See Ord. 2004-23)Active – Undeveloped
2016-156/2/2016Sebastian Inland Harbor PUD (aka 90 Riberia St.) Modifying to extend the completion date of the project by 10 years (see Ord. 2004-03, modified 2007-14)Active – Undeveloped
2004-2312/13/2004Sebastian Inland Harbor PUDActive – Undeveloped
2012-086/11/2012Sixty West Avenue PUD Amending (see Ord. 2010-22)Completed
2010-228/23/2010Sixty West PUD – (Amended see Ord. 2012-08)Completed
1992-2611/5/199211 Tremerton St. – PUD (Amends Ord. 90-07)Completed – not built out
2005-167/11/2005Tringali – PUD (Live Oak St.)Active – Undeveloped
1999-032/4/1999University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences – PUD (SR312)Completed
1987-376/22/1987Verot Villas PUD – Construction shall commence on or before 6/30/87 (Amending Sec. 9 of 85-11)Expired
1986-397/28/1986Verot Villas – PUD (Amends Sec. 9 of see Ord. 85-11) to provide construction of the Verot VillasExpired
1985-115/26/1985Verot Villas PUD – Rezoning land to PUDExpired
1999-365/24/2001Westcott House / Villas De Marin – PUDCompleted
2010-289/13/2010Whispering Creek Town Center PUD Amending (See Ord. 2005-38 Establishing, See amending Ord. 2009-12 and Ord. 2010-14)Expired
2010-145/24/2010Whispering Creek Town Center – PUD Amending (Lewis Speedway) (See Ord. 2005-38 Establishing, See Ord. 2009-12 Amending)Expired
2009-124/27/2009Whispering Creek Town Center PUD Amending (See Ord. 2005-38)Expired