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Frank Mankiewicz, R.I.P.

Frank Mankiewicz, press secretary to RFK, has died at 90. We had mutual friends in EMK's office, but i don't recall ever meeting him. Another giant has passed from this Earth. He will be missed.


Three inculpatory, illustrative quotes from "The Break Room," The City's weekly PR interview program on WFCF, Flagler College Radio, this morning:

"I would guess there's not a whole lot to say about that." (Historic Preservation).-- Paul Williamson, Public Affairs Director for City of St. Augustine
"We've really stepped up our game." -- response by John Patrick Regan, P.E., City Manager
A few minutes later:
"If there's one thing we do well, it's policing." -- John Patrick Regan, P.E., City Manager

You are sadly mistaken.
Obviously not, John -- we're not "policing" Historic Preservation.
Was LEN WEEKS arrested, or even Mirandized?
Regan is City Manager and thus the chief law enforcement officer: Regan called WEEKS his mentor on Historic Preservation on October 13, 2014.
Weasly WEEKS is mendacious.
There are better mentors on HP in the Strategic Air Command who bomb cities.
We let LEN WEEKS destroy an historic building by working unsafely, without permits, excavating a trench around the entire perimeter of Don Pedro Fornell House.
I'm guilty -- we're all guilty -- for not speaking out about corruption and destruction in Our Nation's Oldest City.
We all did it.
We've let buildings be destroyed by Flagler College, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, and sordid assorted corporate criminals and grasping greedy grifters like LEN WEEKS a/k/a "CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS, JR.," our estimable ex-Mayor, law client and no-bid City lease business partner of Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR. in 81 St. George Street.
No mention in "The Break Room" of the crime of the century -- WEEKS' illegal, dangerous destruction of a 210-year old Spanish colonial building, Don Pedro Fornell house, at 62A Spanish Street without permits, flouting instructions from his architect (Gerry Dixon), his engineer (Bill Freeman) and the entire City Planning and Building Department
Our history is being destroyed by WEEKS and other feckless thugs.
WEEKS may be fined $10,000, which is only a parking ticket for a millionaire.
WEEKS needs to be prosecuted.
WEEKS is still pressuring the City for building permits without providing building plans.
WEEKS, BOLES & CO. believe the law does not apply to them.
They are in Teddy Roosevelt's words, "a small group of willful men."
They are boring bossy businessmen and "Boss Hogg" wannabees -- ungracious, uncouth, unkind greedheads.
They "know not that they know not that they know not," in the phrase of my former client, Senior Special Agent Robert E. Tyndall (Retired) of FBI, EPA and HUD.
As LBJ said after Selma, "We SHALL overcome."
We, the People are about to teach them some manners and respect for our history.
"WE'VE GOT NOWHERE TO GO BUT UP1" (in the words of my late nuclear/environmental whistleblower client, heroic Charles D. "Bud" Varnadore, in the midst of a heavily toxic contaminated hostile working environment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1991).
Here's what our leaders should be saying -- in words from "The West Wing: H. Con-172 (#3.11)" (2002):

President Josiah Bartlet: I was wrong. I was, I was just... I was wrong. Come on, we know that. Lots of times we don't know what right or wrong is, but lots of times we do, and come on... this is one. I may not have had sinister intent at the outset, but there were plenty of opportunities for me to make it right. No one in government takes responsibility for anything any more. We foster, we obfuscate, we rationalize. "Everybody does it", that's what we say. So we come to occupy a moral safe house where everyone's to blame, so no one's guilty.
President Josiah Bartlet: *I'm to blame.* I was wrong.

Robert Kennedy would say to his U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Senate staff, "Don't tell me what I should have done, tell me what I should do now."
Well here it is: Work tirelessly to enact the St. Augustine National Historical Park and National Seashore.
Because as Albert Camus once said, "If you don't do this, then who else in the world will do this?"
What do you reckon?


Which sections of DSM-5 apply?

Kleptomania DSM-5 302.32 (F63.3)
DSM-5 Category: Disruptive, Impulse Control, and Conduct Disorders
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th ed., DSM-5, American Psychiatric Association, 2013) is used by licensed psychologists and psychiatrists to compare a patients' symptoms and diagnose mental health disorders. The DSM-5 (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013) categorizes disruptive, impulse control, and conduct disorders as mental illness affecting a persons ability to regulate their emotions and behaviors. Disorders in this category can also include those with impulse and behavioral control and problems with authority (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013).
Kleptomania is an impulse control disorder characterized by the inability to resist the impulse to steal. Often the objects that are stolen are not needed, and often times have no significant monitory value. While it is considered normal to have the occasional impulse to steal or to think about the consequences if you were to steal, kleptomania sufferers have these thoughts frequently and are consistently unable to resist the urges (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013).
Symptoms of Kleptomania
The DSM-5 (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013) states that kleptomania is hallmarked by ever-increasing tension leading up to the theft, and an intense feeling of gratification or relief after. While kleptomania does cause strong impulses to steal, these thieving events are not triggered or accompanied by hallucinations or feelings of anger or vengeance (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013).
Despite the strong urges to engage in thievery, those diagnosed with kleptomania are generally able to refrain from illegal activities if there is a significant and immediate likelihood of consequences, such as the presence of security guards, policemen, or cameras. Individuals with kleptomania are typically aware of the morality of their actions, and will readily agree that it is wrong to steal. Kleptomaniacs often report feeling guilty during and after thieving instances, and are often fearful of consequences (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013).
According to the DSM-5 (The American Psychiatric Association), kleptomania typically follows one of three patterns of stealing, with either brief episodes of stealing with intermittent and long periods of remission, longer periods of stealing with brief periods of remission, or chronic and continuous episodes of stealing with only minor fluctuation in frequency (The American Psychiatric Association).
Causes of Kleptomania
There appears to be a relationship between key neurotransmitter pathways, including systems related to depression (serotonin and dopamine) and behavioral addiction (via the opioid system). There is also a potential relationship between kleptomania and obsessive-compulsive disorder and substance abuse (The American Psychiatric Association).
Prevalence of Kleptomania
Kleptomania is a rare disorders, and is only diagnosed in 0.3-0.6% of the population, and there are 3 females for every 1 male diagnosed (The American Psychiatric Association, 2013).
Onset of Kleptomania
Kleptomania most often manifests itself during adolescence, but may also present in childhood, adulthood, and in rare cases, late adulthood.
Co-morbidity of Kleptomania
Kleptomania is often co-diagnosed with anxiety disorders, eating disorders, bipolar and other depressive disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, compulsive buying disorders, and, of course, other disruptive, impulse control, and conduct disorders (The American Psychiatric Association).
When considering suicidal behavior in individuals diagnosed with kleptomania, the impact of co-morbid diagnoses and overall functional impairment played an almost insignificant role in suicidal ideation, with one study showing 92.3% of suicide attempts in these patients to be directly attributed to kleptomania (Odlaug, Grant, & Kim, 2012).
Diagnosis of Kleptomania
Diagnosis of kleptomania is often based on a combination of patient reports, diagnostic scales, and legal records pertaining to instances of the kleptomaniac being caught during thieving. It is important that kleptomania be distinguished from ordinary acts of shoplifting, from other disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder, conduct disorder, manic, psychotic, or major neurocognitive disorders (The American Psychiatric Association).
When using psychometric scales to diagnose kleptomania, it is useful to consider the results of the Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale, Modified for Kleptomania (K-YBOCS) and the Kleptomania Symptom Assessment Scale (K-SAS), as well as other measures of depression, general functioning, anxiety, and psychosocial functioning (Grant, Kim, & Odlaug, 2009). Though kleptomania with a lesser severity of symptoms may not affect global functioning, severe kleptomania symptoms may be correlated with deficits in executive functioning, and therefore measures that include executive functioning may be useful in the clinical setting (Grant, Odlaug, & Wozniak, 2007).
Treatment of Kleptomania
Kleptomania often responds best to a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, with an emphasis on recognizing and coping with the urges related to kleptomania, and the use of psychopharmacology. Lithium, anti-epileptics, and opioid antagonists have proven effective in controlling the urge to steal faced by those with kleptomania, and the use of antidepressants may ease the common feelings of shame and self-loathing that accompany this disorder (Grant & Odlaug, 2008).
There is strong supporting evidence that naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist used in the management of alcohol and opioid dependence, may lead to statistically significant reductions in K-YBOCS scores, as well as reported urges to steal and the resulting stealing behavior (Grant, Kim, & Odlaug, 2009).
Additionally, there is evidence that some sub-types of kleptomania may be more similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder than was previously thought, responding well to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), while other subtypes more closely resemble mood disorders and addiction, responding to mood stabilizers such as lithium (Grant, 2006).
Recent research has also suggested that memantine, a medication typically used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, may be surprisingly effective in improving the overall symptoms of kleptomania. Patients taking memantine reported improvement in mood, impulsiveness, and psychosocial functioning, and of course the frequency and intensity of the urges to shoplift as well as the frequency of actual shoplifting cases characteristic of kleptomania (Grant, Odlaug, Schreiber, Chamberlain, & Kim, 2013).
For individuals with kleptomania subtypes with co-diagnoses of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and/or personality disorders, selective case studies have shown that a combination of dialectical behavioral therapy combined with duloxetine as a serotonin-epinepherine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) may be an effecting treatment strategy (Rudel, Hubert, Juckel, & Edel, 2009).
Outcomes for Kleptomania
In one study that considered 101 individuals diagnosed with kleptomania, 68.3% had been arrested, 36.6% arrested but not convicted, 10.9% convicted buy not incarcerated, and 20.8% had been arrested, convicted, and incarcerated following their crimes (Grant, Odlaug, Davis, & Kim, 2009). As such, the legal and social consequences of kleptomania are significant, and there is a great need for extensive research into treatment strategies to help prevent kleptomaniacs from continuing to relapse into thieving behaviors.
Individuals diagnosed with kleptomania should strongly consider remaining in a cognitive behavioral treatment program, as well as working with a psychiatrist to determine whether any of the available psychopharmaceutical medications may be of use to them.
American Psychiatric Association (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Publishing.
Grant, J.E. (2006). Understanding and treating kleptomania: New models and new treatments. Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences, 43(2), 81-87.
Grant, J.E., Kim, S.W., & Odlaug, B.L. (2009). A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the opiate antagonist, naltrexone, in the treatment of kleptomania. Biological Psychiatry, 65(7), 600-606.
Grant, J.E., Odlaug, B.L., Davis, A.A., & Kim, S.W. (2009). Legal consequences of kleptomania. Psychiatric Quarterly, 80(4), 251-259.
Grant, J.E., & Odlaug, B.L. (2008). Kleptomania: Clinical characteristics and treatment. Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria, 30(1), S11-S15.
Grant, J.E., Odlaug, B.L., Schreiber, L.R.N., Chamberlain, S.R., & Kim, S.W. (2013). Memantine reduces stealing behavior and impulsivity in kleptomania: A pilot study. International Clinical Psychopharmacology, 28(2), 106-111.
Grant, J.E., Odlaug, B.L., & Wozniak, J.R. (2007). Neuropsychological functioning in kleptomania. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 45(7), 1663-1670.
Odlaug, B.L., Grant, J.E., & Kim, S.W. (2012). Suicide attempts in 107 adolescents and adults with kleptomania. Archives of Suicide Research, 16(4), 348-359.
Rudel, A., Hubert, C., Juckel, G., & Edel, M.A. (2009). Combination of dialectic and behavioral therapy (DBT) and duloxetin in kleptomania. Psychiatrische Praxis, 26(6), 293-296.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Sign-stealing is a despicable, sophomoric act.
It is an anti-social disease.
It is an act of desperation.
Amateur hour.
Politics practiced by bullies.
People who can't spell, can't think, hate blacks, hate Gays and want to reduce politics to their primitive level.
Rancid Republicans, KKK, law enforcement, inbred county employees and other sign thieves might watch themselves for signs of advanced brain boogers.
We, The People, know who you are and what you are.
Impotent energumen cretins.
A pox on all your houses, Randy, Cory, Michael, Jim, Bob, Joe, David et pals.
KKK SIGN THIEVES: Have you been tested for leprosy, the Ebola virus, Mad Cow Disease and other infectious diseases?
The signs you steal might just be contaminated.
Ask your county political boss about health care options and hazmat suits.
Just kiddin'.


Friends! We know there is a lot of sign waving activity at the bridge. Don't worry. We are really busy behind the scenes and we WILL be waving at strategic times. (Besides, we have jobs!!! and our intel says that people are already tired of it!).
Anyone who is interested in walking neighborhoods with me in the afternoons, just give me a call! I love company!! 824-4278.

Does Mayor JOE BOLES belong in the Smithsonian?

According to the Smithsonian: “Power tends to corrupt,” said Lord Acton, the 19th-century British historian. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” His maxim has been vividly illustrated in psychological studies, notably the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, which was halted when one group of students arbitrarily assigned to serve as “prison guards” over another group began to abuse their wards.

Read more:
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Nixon Style Dirty Tricks by MAYOR JOE BOLES?

Hatch Act Violations by Local Officials? You Tell Me! Blow the whistle -- call 904-377-4998

104.31 Political activities of state, county, and municipal officers and employees.—
(1) No officer or employee of the state, or of any county or municipality thereof, except as hereinafter exempted from provisions hereof, shall:
(a) Use his or her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with an election or a nomination of office or coercing or influencing another person’s vote or affecting the result thereof.
(b) Directly or indirectly coerce or attempt to coerce, command, or advise any other officer or employee to pay, lend, or contribute any part of his or her salary, or any money, or anything else of value to any party, committee, organization, agency, or person for political purposes. Nothing in this paragraph or in any county or municipal charter or ordinance shall prohibit an employee from suggesting to another employee in a noncoercive manner that he or she may voluntarily contribute to a fund which is administered by a party, committee, organization, agency, person, labor union or other employee organization for political purposes.
(c) Directly or indirectly coerce or attempt to coerce, command, and advise any such officer or employee as to where he or she might purchase commodities or to interfere in any other way with the personal right of said officer or employee.
The provisions of this section shall not be construed so as to prevent any person from becoming a candidate for and actively campaigning for any elective office in this state. All such persons shall retain the right to vote as they may choose and to express their opinions on all political subjects and candidates. The provisions of paragraph (a) shall not be construed so as to limit the political activity in a general, special, primary, bond, referendum, or other election of any kind or nature, of elected officials or candidates for public office in the state or of any county or municipality thereof; and the provisions of paragraph (a) shall not be construed so as to limit the political activity in general or special elections of the officials appointed as the heads or directors of state administrative agencies, boards, commissions, or committees or of the members of state boards, commissions, or committees, whether they be salaried, nonsalaried, or reimbursed for expense. In the event of a dual capacity of any member of a state board, commission, or committee, any restrictive provisions applicable to either capacity shall apply. The provisions of paragraph (a) shall not be construed so as to limit the political activity in a general, special, primary, bond, referendum, or other election of any kind or nature of the Governor, the elected members of the Governor’s Cabinet, or the members of the Legislature. The provisions of paragraphs (b) and (c) shall apply to all officers and employees of the state or of any county or municipality thereof, whether elected, appointed, or otherwise employed, or whether the activity shall be in connection with a primary, general, special, bond, referendum, or other election of any kind or nature.
(2) An employee of the state or any political subdivision may not participate in any political campaign for an elective office while on duty.
(3) Any person violating the provisions of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
(4) Nothing contained in this section or in any county or municipal charter shall be deemed to prohibit any public employee from expressing his or her opinions on any candidate or issue or from participating in any political campaign during the employee’s off-duty hours, so long as such activities are not in conflict with the provisions of subsection (1) or s. 110.233.
History.—s. 8, ch. 26870, 1951; s. 7, ch. 29615, 1955; s. 5, ch. 29936, 1955; s. 1, ch. 59-208; s. 18, ch. 65-379; s. 53, ch. 71-136; ss. 1, 2, ch. 74-13; s. 1, ch. 75-261; s. 30, ch. 79-190; s. 1, ch. 80-207; s. 628, ch. 95-147; s. 1, ch. 2006-275.

Stonewalling By City of St. Augustine on Open Records Requests Still Continues After All These Years

I expect to speak to City Commissioners Monday, October 27 on topics for which no electronic or other documents have yet been provided:
1. No-bid and one-bid contracts
2. Red water
3. Defective, shoddy products causing red water (ductile iron pipe and iron pipe fittings)
4. Oligopoly and possible antitrust violations relating to red water
5. High water rates and ongoing water rate study
6. Water cutoffs and reconnection charges
7. Insurance policies
8. List of all City and contractor employees, with salaries and hourly rates
9. $32,700 in City-purchased Mumford & Sons Tickets (partial response only -- something very fishy here -- awaiting data)
10. City policies, including those bearing on our all-white fire department, all-white police department and unsafe work practices causing higher workers compensation rates since 2007.
11. Communications and relationships with ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS a/k/a "CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS,JR." law client and business partner with Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES,Jr. in 81 St. George Street no-bid City of St. Augustine lease (subleased without City permission in violation of lease terms).
12. Chloramine in our drinking water
13. Budget and spending for city committees
14. Detailed justification for budge items
15. Mayor JOE BOLES a/k/a "JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR." forming supposed non-profit with two City employees four years ago ("St. Augustine Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc.), with the two asking last week that they be removed from BOLES' board.

Delay and desuetude and slow and halting compliance with Article I, Section 24 of our Florida Constitution, enacted by vote of 3.8 million Floridians in 1992 (83% of those voting).

St. Augustine Beach City Hall Stonewalls Requests on Intimidation of First Amendment Rights By Citizens

Wonder why? Dare we call this a Police State, where authoritarians are angry at outspoken citizens and try to silence them? Pitiful.

Audit Needed on MUMFORD & SONS Tickets Purchased by City of St. Augustine

Ask questions. Demand answers. Expect democracy. Ask for an audit. Did individual ticket recipients like UF's President and Rep. Doc Renuart buy their own? Or did the City or someone else pay?

Does City of St. Augustine Lack a "Safety Culture?" Seven Years of High Workers' Compensation Ratings Suggest It

Any National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI) Experience Modification Rating (EMR) over 1.00 is too high and costs us extra money in workers' compensation premiums.
ALL of our ratings for the last seven years have been over 1.00:
October 1, 2014: 1.02
October 1, 2013: 1.18
October 1, 2012: 1.45
October 1, 2011: 1.45
October 1, 2010: 1.39
October 1, 2009: 1.02
October 1, 2008: 1.08
The City of St. Augustine is paying waaay too much for workers compensation insurance -- any EMR rating over 1.00 is too high, and results in higher insurance premiums. So is the City of St. Augustine Beach.
Both Cities needs to give awards to employees raising safety concerns, as St. Johns County does.
Both Cities needs a safety culture, which it sorely lacks.
Unfortunately, under Governor JOHN EDWARD BUSH a/k/a "JEB BUSH," Florida abolished worker rights protection for all state, county, city, town and special tax district employees. Federal OSHA has no jurisdiction.
The state program was abolished, at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce and other pressure groups. Disgusting display.
It left government employees without any right to safe and healthy workplaces.
That causes injuries.
This causes injustice -- government employees hurt because government managers don't care about their rights.
That costs lives.
That costs money.
The City of St. Augustine needs to adopt OSHA standards -- and OSHA Act Section 11c, protecting worker rights to raise safety concerns.
Prevent injuries.
Save lives.
Save money.
Is that too much to ask?

(This July 1, 2014 report has been corrected to reflect last rating was 1.18, not 1.12, per HR Director Nancy Rawson's e-mail today).

Letter: My vote's for Shaver

Letter: My vote's for Shaver
Posted: October 23, 2014 - 11:54pm

St. Augustine Record
Editor: In this election, your vote should be more than influenced by family, friend, neighbor, organization or party. After all, it is non-partisan.

My vote is to support Nancy Shaver. It is not against Joe Boles ... without rancor, animosity or hostility in any way possible.

I’ve never used his legal services. I believe him to be a trustworthy lawyer. Truthfully, I like Joe. I trust my choice will not change his opinion of me.

Why change horses? I have learned that Nancy can document 25 years of deep managerial and executive experience in business planning and development with seven major corporations, and also having formed her own business.

Municipal politics and administration will be a new experience. Not a problem. It means zilch!

You do not achieve Nancy’s level of corporate success without experiencing and succeeding in both interpersonal and competitive business politics ... especially as a woman. Every successful, honest business executive marshals, organizes, directs and manages the personnel assets available.

This is what she has done. What more can you ask for in a mayor? Please, answer this question as truthfully as you can after reviewing her resume on her website,

Nancy’s tested and proven professional skills will offer deliberative execution of plans and development as mayor.

Nancy brings a far more broad experience package to the table than does Joe, while not taking a back seat to his charisma.

I gotta go with Nancy Shaver, not knowing her party affiliation.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nancy Shaver Defeats Mayor JOE BOLES, Again, in LWV Debate 10/22

Part 1, 32:00 to end and Part 2 through 28:00 -- approximately 45 minutes, I reckon. Nancy Shaver rocks! Watch it and feel the energy! We need Nancy Shaver for Mayor of St. Augustine.

RACIST LEN WEEKS Favors Meeting on MLK Day Because "Everybody's Off"

Ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS said that at the joint meeting of the ALL-white, fifteen member City of St. Augustine Visioning Committee and of the City Parking and Traffic Committee (he chairs the latter and still serves on both, notwithstanding destroying a 210-year old historic building that formerly housed Masters' Restaurant, once the only place in once-heavily segregated St. Augustine where African-Americans could dine).
A city meeting on MLK Day, a holiday, conflicting with civil rights commemorations in a town where Dr. King was arrested 50 years ago.
Deeply insensitive.
MLK Day is for civil rights observances, not parking prattle by unenlightened ignorant businessmen.
What chutzpah.
What low-class flummery, dupery and nincompoopery.
What an incompetent image to share with the world for our 450th.

$32,700 in City-paid Free Tickets for September 2013 MUMFORD & SONS CONCERTS TO EMPLOYEES AND POLITICIANS, ET. PALS?

Update: City Comptroller MARK LITZINGER now claims some 166 of these tickets were sold and not free. Changing his story. Waiting for evidence any of these people bought their own tickets, or who else paid for them. Interesting.

From: []
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2014 2:29 PM
To: Mark Litzinger
Subject: Re: Mumford & Sons concert/festival ticket purchase cost-benefit analysis, Commission and City Manager and Comptroller approvals and a complete list of all persons receiving free tickets from City and explanation of why they got free tickets instead of bu

who got free ones? accounting records showing payments, please? Volunteer time records and releases for free ones, please?

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Litzinger
To: easlavin
Sent: Thu, Oct 23, 2014 2:13 pm
Subject: RE: Mumford & Sons concert/festival ticket purchase cost-benefit analysis, Commission and City Manager and Comptroller approvals and a complete list of all persons receiving free tickets from City and explanation of why they got free tickets instead of bu


Just to clarify, the City did purchase 300 tickets from the production company. Of this 300, 166 were sold by the City to the individuals you see listed. These 166 were not given out for free.


From: Mark Litzinger
To: easlavin
Sent: Thu, Oct 23, 2014 8:20 am
Subject: RE: Mumford & Sons concert/festival ticket purchase cost-benefit analysis, Commission and City Manager and Comptroller approvals and a complete list of all persons receiving free tickets from City and explanation of why they got free tickets instead of bu

Ed this is the list of tickets. All the tickets were paid for to the production company. The 79 tickets for COSA were used for partners or employees who helped during the event. The cost of all tickets were included in the break-even analysis for the total event so the City did recover the cost of all tickets when the final numbers were totaled.

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 3:00 PM
To:; John Regan; Lucy Fountain; Mark Litzinger; Paul Williamson
Subject: Mumford & Sons concert/festival ticket purchase cost-benefit analysis, Commission and City Manager and Comptroller approvals and a complete list of all persons receiving free tickets from City and explanation of why they got free tickets instead of buy...

Please send. Thank you.

Arbizzani, John 2 $218
Arnold, Mike 1 $109
Barkley, Joni 4 $436
Bergstrom, Bob 5 $545
Bergstrom, Bob 1 $109
Boles, Joe 6 $654
Bozard Ford 35 $3,815
Cabrera, Rick 2 $218
Canan, Patrick 2 $218
Chapman, Christine 3 $327
Crichlow, Don 4 $436
Cullum, Michael 2 $218
Davis, Michael 1 $109
Davis, Lucas 5 $545
Ervin, Russell S. 2 $218
Foreman, Danielle 2 $218
Fortner, Dale 1 $109
Freeman, Leanna 10 $1,090
Grant, Todd 1 $109
Guttenger, Victoria 1 $109
Hale 3 $327
Hardwick 3 $327
Huerbsch, Sarajane 2 $218
Hutchinson, Christine 2 $218
Kemper, Elyse 2 $218
Kotyk, John 4 $436
Kulg, Dianna 4 $436
Lake, Larry 2 $218
Litzinger, Mark 2 $218
Machen, Bernie (Dr.) 4 $436
Morgan, Andrew 2 $218
McClure, Bill 4 $436
Nowadski, Sherry 4 $436
Parker, JC 2 $218
Pence, Bill 2 $218
Regan, John 1 $109
Rianda, Vickie 1 $109
Renuart, Ronald (Doc) 4 $436
Samuels, Andrea 6 $654
Sikes-Kline, Nancy 3 $327
Swift, Debbie 2 $218
Victor, Patrick 2 $218
Wallis, Kathy 7 $763
Weeks, Len 6 $654
Wheatley, Brendan 2 $218
Total 166 $18,094

Boles, Joe 2 $218
Arnold, Mike 1 $109
Breidenstein, Meredith 2 $218
Brown, Ron 2 $218
Burchfield, Tim 2 $218
Cabrera, Rick 2 $218
Crichlow, Don 2 $218
Fountain, Lucy 2 $218
Franke, Wil 2 $218
Freeman, Leanna 2 $218
Garris, Teresa 2 $218
Graham, Martha 2 $218
Graham, Scott 2 $218
Horvath, Roxanne 2 $218
Knight, Mark 2 $218
Langford, Sharon 2 $218
Litzinger, Mark 2 $218
Lueders, Loran 2 $218
Manning, Bobbie-Jo 2 $218
May, Elise 1 $109
Muench, Barbara 2 $218
Piggott, Jim 2 $218
Regan, John 2 $218
Sikes-Kline, Nancy 2 $218
Smith, Jacob 2 $218
Ste. Claire, Dana 2 $218
Verison 1 $109
Williamson, Paul 2 $218
Zuberer, Jennifer 2 $218 `
COSA 79 $8,611
Total 134 $14,606

Grand Total of tickets 300 $32,700

Airport Authority 8
Burchfield, Tim 2
Knight, Mark 2
Litzinger, Mark 17
Regan, John 28
Murphy, Ryan 2
Robert, Tom 3
Solar Sticks 10
Weeks, Nandra 4
Total 79

7-11 Answers Show Two Mayor Candidates in Sharp Contrast -- Shaver Beats BOLES (Again)!

St. Augustine 7-Eleven fight a topic for debate
Posted: October 23, 2014 - 12:00am
Candidates for St. Augustine City Commission weighed in on the development of a 7-Eleven in downtown St. Augustine.

Some residents in the neighborhood surrounding May Street and San Marco Avenue, where the 12-pump gas station is proposed, are fighting the development.

St. Augustine City Commission candidates responded to questions, including a couple related to the 7-Eleven, at a forum Wednesday night at the county auditorium on San Sebastian View. Dozens of people attended the forum, which also featured St. Augustine Beach City Commission candidates Michael Longstreet and Margaret England.

Beach candidates fielded questions, including one about hiring an event planner for the city.

Part of the responses to the following questions have been summarized and/or paraphrased:

What lessons have we learned from the May Street and San Marco 7-Eleven and what suggestions do you have to work with this area?

Joe Boles, Seat 3/Mayor’s seat:

We have spots all over this community where businesses could come in and buy land and put something in we probably wouldn’t want to be next to. It kind of creeps up.

In Davis Shores, The Conch House’s Reggae Sunday is an imposition on the neighborhood, for instance. I remember when 7-Eleven property was a cafe then that got bulldozed and it sat for sale. It got bought and now there’s a 7-Eleven trying to come in.

First, I don’t think we ought to give up. Second, as we start to look at our zoning codes, the public around a particular parcel can take a look and say ‘maybe we should do something about it.’ There may be an opportunity for the City of St. Augustine to purchase property, but we have to hear from the residents.

We got criticized by a big segment of our community who said we shouldn’t by the M&M Market property on Bridge Street because the city shouldn’t be in the business of buying property.

We also bought a car wash on an entry corridor and got praise because it improved the entry corridor. We need to keep looking at things like that, which I’m willing to do.

As we do assessments of all of our property in the city, we’ll have a better handle of that. We rely on the public to let us know what’s in their area and what they want. Everyone has to have a seat at the table.

Nancy Shaver, Seat 3/Mayor’s seat:

The 7-Eleven is a symptom of inattention to our zoning codes for the past 25 years. It has not been updated.

The comprehensive plan calls for updates of the plan every seven years but I haven’t found evidence of that being done. The question is: What do we do and what is the right way?

I disagree with Boles, who says you should let us know what’s in your area that you’re worried about. That’s not how you update zoning.

I would propose that each of our neighborhoods in terms of updating codes, go into neighborhoods with our zoning codes as it exists and have the neighborhood identify what the hot spots are.

Had you done that, you would’ve identified the castle in Davis Shores as a hot spot. We don’t want high-impact commercial development in that area.

Once you identify that, you can’t down zone because of the risk of lawsuits, unless you compensate people. But you could limit the uses for a property that’s zoned in a way that might impact a neighborhood.

That kind of activity would be appropriate, going into neighborhoods, working methodically and identifying hot spots and adjusting as needed would be a top priority for me.

That’s what you do when you’re running a city and you want it to be livable. You’re proactive, you’re not reactive.

LEN WEEKS continues serving as Parking and Traffic Committee Chair and Visioning Committee Member 28 Days After Illegally Destroying 210-Year Old Building

Disgusting. WEEKS is Mayor BOLES' law client and business partner in no-bid lease for 81 St. George Street. Elect Nancy Shaver for Mayor.

Mayor BOLES Blushes at Nancy Shaver's Thomas Jefferson Quote About "Corruption" at 10/22 LWV Forum --- Wonder why?

Thomas Jefferson observed that persons qualified for public office should feel some obligation to make that contribution. “If not, public service will be left to those of lesser qualification, and the government may more easily become corrupted.” BOLES blushed. Wonder why?

League of Women Voters Forum, Transformed

Last night's first League of Women Voter's forum for City of St. Augustine races in at least eight years was a marked improvement over last week's Godawful county and legislative race forum. Public questions were asked and answered. Thanks to Florida League of Women Voters President Deirdre Macnab for listening to concerns we've raised for eight (8) years. Kudos!

Read related July 6, 2014 Record column here or here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This despicable crony capitalist resigned as Chair of the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB).
WEEKS still chairs the Parking and Traffic Committee.
WEEKS still serves on the all-white Visioning Committee.
Both meet tomorrow at 8:30 AM, an inconvenient time.
WEEKS destroyed 62A Spanish Street, a 210-year old building.
WEEKS still profiteers from his 81 St. George Street no-bid lease with Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR.
WEEKS destroyed St. Augustine's musicians and artists by making music and art on St. George Street a crime.
WEEKS is a disgrace to our Nation's Oldest City.
WEEKS, be gone!

Update: He never resigned. He still chairs P&T and serves on Visioning.

Ben Rich Calls for Resignation of WILLIAM McCLURE, County Commissioner, Operator of Medical Clinics Under Investigation for Medicaid/Medicare Fraud

Thank you for speaking out. Watch during Public Comment, here.

I have taken my private time at my own expense to come before you today regarding a matter that needs to be addressed. I have prepared this written statement for two reasons. First, so that I would make no mistakes regarding the message that I want you to get and second, so there would be no possibility that I would revert back to my decades of experience as a federal special agent and say a bunch of things directly to one of you. So, now, in accordance with your BCC policies, I will have my say.
We all know that when a U.S. Citizen is accused of criminal activity, he or she is presumed innocent until proven guilty. My comments are not about guilt or innocence.
When a search or arrest warrant is issued, it is not because the police believe that a crime has been committed. It is because a Judge believes there is reasonable cause to believe a crime has been committed and he orders the police to conduct a search for evidence of that crime or arrest an individual for suspected commission of that crime. The judge also commands that the evidence seized during the execution of a warrant be listed on the return to that judge or that the body of the arrested person be brought before the court for formal charges of criminal offenses.
The system is a lock step process with one action naturally following another. The protocol of evidence seizure, evaluation of evidentiary material, further grand jury proceedings if necessary, arrest warrant affidavit filings, arrests, charging, pleas, and plea bargaining or trial followed by acquittal, mistrial or conviction and sentencing.
To suffer any or all of these things is devastating, especially if in the final hour, the individuals being tried are found guilty and appropriately sentenced to prison terms.
Anyone who serves in a position of public trust is held to a much higher standard than those he or she serves. No innocent citizen deserves to suffer betrayal and its associated disgrace by having to endure the agony that comes with the criminal prosecution of one of their elected officials.
As you know, in the past this body has had to endure the prosecution and conviction of another commissioner for violation of federal law. Fortunately, he resigned his position but the stain of his disgraceful behavior is still the fodder of the public and press 6 years later.
My point today is this. If any of you should find yourselves in a position to be accused of criminal behavior, YOU know for sure if you are guilty or not. To us, the voters who put you in office, your guilt or innocence is irrelevant. The appearance of impropriety at the level of a publicly elected official should be enough to seriously consider resignation. A formal charge alleging guilt is more than enough to require your resignation and relieve the public from sharing all of the pain the future holds. To allow a situation to deteriorate to that level is patently irresponsible. My advice to any of you is to be proactive in leaving your office rather than being forced to resign.
Your job is to do what is best for the majority of the citizens you represent, regardless as to what damage that may cause you personally. Your jobs are about sacrificing for those who trust you. In all cases you must do what is the right thing for the people. The issues you deal with are not about you, they are about those who trust you. You are trusted. You and your office belong to us.
When you all took this job, you knew that you might someday be expected to fall upon your own sword to save us. If such a time should ever come, or now is such a time, have the dignity to leave office with your honor, integrity and reputation still intact.
I cannot speak to any of you directly in this public forum regarding your personal behavior, and not be in violation of your own rules. However, none of you are bound by this restriction and, in the interest of Sunshine Regulations and because this issue is now on the table, I encourage any or all of you to make comment to one another as you feel appropriate.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stopping Demolitions of Historic St. Augustine Buildings -- Yes We Can!

On October 27, 2014, City Commission will have on the consent agenda our City Attorney Isabelle Lopez's recommended finding of "legal sufficiency" that I have standing under Florida's 1985 law and court decisions to appeal from a demolition permit granted to destroy 90 year old Echo House.
The appeal will then likely be heard on or after December 8th by the new City Commission.
The precedent of "legal sufficiency" will allow historic and environmental activists to contest future demolition permits for historic buildings for inconsistency with Section HP 1.8 of our Comprehensive Plan, requiring compliance with our demolition standards in Chapter 28 of our City Code. Other inconsistencies may also be appealed from, without having to be an adjoining neighbor.
We will preserve and protect St. Augustine, where I have proudly lived since November 5, 1999 -- fifteen years.
Thank you, Commissioners and City Attorney Isabelle Lopez.
With this precedent: No more Wrecking Crews destroying our history in our Nation's Oldest City without City Commission appeals.
Our Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) will be expected to apply the law without fear or favor.
If not, we appeal to City Commissioners to overrule HARB.
If only it had happened when Flagler College and Florida School for the Deaf and Blind obliterated entire city blocks.
We shall overcome!
Happy 450th, St. Augustine!

Did County Commission Authorize Illegal Payment to Commissioner PRISCILLA BENNETT, A/K/A "RACHAEL BENNETT?"

Waste, fraud and abuse?
St. Johns County Commission today passed on 4-0 vote (BENNETT recusing herself after participating in debate), authorized a possibly illegal payment to reimburse BENNETT for $2500 in legal fees in connection with a legally insufficient complaint filed with the Florida Elections Commission.
There was never an "investigation."
Citizen Thomas Reynolds, armed with his own legal research on St. Johns County and Florida law, opposed the payment as not rooted in any legal basis, since there was no "investigation." Mr. Reynolds said another citizen (unnamed) had reported the matter to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
The possibly illegal payment goes to reimburse BENNETT for $2500 she paid to Tallahassee lawyer Ronald G. Meyer for 6.5 hours of legal work by him and an associate on a complaint by unsuccessful Commission candidate Kim Kendall.
Commissioner RONALD SANCHEZ wants to bill complainant Kim Kendall for the $2500 fee (because she used the complaint to "get publicity" in her race against SANCHEZ, who lost to Jeb Smith).
St. Johns County Commissioner BENNETT said the complaint was "dirty."
But St. Johns Commissioners want to punish Kendall for her legally insufficient complaint.
Read the lawyer bill here.
Watch inculpatory nearly fifteen minute video here.

Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee Dies at 93

Ben Bradlee lived a wonderful life. Friends with JFK, mentor to Woodward & Bernstein, be stimulated generations of investigative reporters, including me. He was not perfect, nor was the Washington Post, but none of us are. He and his staff helped to bring down a corrupt President, RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON. We need more like him. He will be missed. Bon voyage!

Bradlee wrote in his memoirs: "I was on a roll being in the right place at the right time, a luck that has stayed with me." I feel the same way.

Post obit here
Times obit here

Thirteen Days to Election -- There's No Crazy Like "Florida Crazy"

MAYOR JOE BOLES' chauvinism, and that of his supporters, knows no bounds. Firings, threats, intimidation and at least one eviction -- pitiful. The whole world is watching.

Monday, October 20, 2014

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Re: The St Augustine Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc. (nonprofit incorporated by Messrs. Boles, Regan and Ste. Claire on 4/14/2010)

From: easlavin
To: mayorboles
Sent: Mon, Oct 20, 2014 12:21 pm
Subject: Re: The St Augustine Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc. (nonprofit incorporated by Messrs. Boles, Regan and Ste. Claire on 4/14/2010)
Good afternoon:
1. Are you invoking your Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, Mayor Boles?
2. You have the right to remain silent, but we wish you wouldn't.
3. FEI/EIN "applied for? Please explain.
4. Please send application and 990.
5. Did you take off the names of John Regan and Dana Set. Claire as directors yet, as they both say that they requested? Not reflected on Secretary of State website yet.
Thank you.
Ed Slavin

"The Last Hurrah" of JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR.

Trying to cadge votes from people he hasn't talked to in years, Mayr JOSEPH BOLES, JR. fears a verdict he cannot fix on November 4th. Only the beneficiary of City advertising largesse, the St. Augustine Record, endorses him.


Early voting began today. Vote absentee, or go to the dumb 'ole Election Supervisor's office or St. Augustine Beach City Hall, both inconveniently located outside St. Augustine City Limits by our Election Supervisor for Life, VICKY OAKES, known Republican reprobate.