Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Marilyn Crotty Returns?

University of Central Florida to get another no-bid contract? Say it ain't so, St. Augustine Beach.
MARILYN CROTTY has previously advised the City of St. Augustine Beach on visioning and chartering, and Anastasia Mosquito Control District of St. Johns County on visioning.
There are tens of thousands of dollars on no-bid contracts let by hick hacks at St. Augustine Beach and other local governments, including personal service contracts.
MARILYN CROTTY is hostile to public participation and tried to discourage St. Augustine Beach's successful charter provision on building height. (She invoked a mean and base attack at the 2002 pregnant pigs constitutional amendment to Article 10 of the Florida Constitution, which prevented North Carolina's factory farm industry -- that stinky piggy awful offal industry -- from moving here after an environmental apocalypse.
MARILYN CROTTY personally arranged the tables and chairs for the initial St. Augustine Beach charter review committee with the members' backsides to the audience. Get it? Backsides to the public for decennial charter review.
I objected. MARILYN CROTTY desisted, rearranging the chairs.
She stood and walked around and above the charter review committee members patronizing, like your worst third-rate third grade teacher in elementary school. Get it? She is manipulative and pro-status quo, whatever it is, wherever she might appear.
MARILYN CROTTY refused to allow any public participation at all during an all day Mosquito Control District visioning meeting under Chairman BARBARA BOSANKO. (BOSANKO is the overbearing wife of the former County Attorney DANIEL BOSANKO; she called the Sheriff to try to arrest former Army Captain Don Girvan and me for objecting to the $1.8 million no-bid luxury Bell Jet five-seater helicopter -- result: no arrests, no helicopter, full refund, corruption exposed).
The fact that anyone would want to hire the University of Central Florida's MARILYN CROTTY is so revealing of the mediocrities in St. Augustine Beach.

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