Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Are Four Republican St. Johns County Commissioners "Too Big for Their Britches?"

November 21, 2023 is another date that will live in infamy. 

Repeatedly blocking Commissioner Krista Keating-Joseph's best efforts for a year, denying her the position of Vice Chair to favor DeSANTIS appointee ROY ALYRE ALAIMO, JR., DEAN freaked out and interrupted Commissioner Joseph's Commissioner comments, heckling her, joined in by fellow Commissioners, every single one a Dull Republican.  

DEAN began the abuse, barking like a junkyard dog. 

Even the craven County Attorney joined in their ridicule and rodomontade.  

Reform Commissioner Krista Joseph gently reminded people they can vote for three of five Commissioners in next year's election if they're concerned about our County government and its promotion of  deforestation and overdevelopment.  

Over the years, Commissioner HENRY DEAN has repeatedly told me he is a first Amendment absolutist.  But DEAN apparently can't stand criticism of the status quo.  He showed his ass. When I expressed concern about his frail male ego and interrupting and man-plaining to Commissioner Joseph, HENRY DEAN hung up the telephone.  

St. Johns County Commissioner HENRY DEAN should hang his head in shame. 

Pray for HENRY DEAN and the three devious developer doormats.  

Pushy corporate cat's paws, control freaks and louche loudmouths?  

Watch video here:

Left to right: Vice Chair ROY AYLRE ALAIMO, JR., SARAH ARNOLD, CHRISTIAN WHITEHURST, Krista Keating-Joseph and ISAAC HENRY DEAN.  All Republicans, but only Commissioner Joseph speaks out against overdevelopment and deforestation.   Vote reform in 2024.

"The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on."  Wiktionary reports, "The saying, found in many Eurasian languages, probably originated in Turkish (it ürür, kervan yürür), where it rhymes."


Anonymous said...

Time stamp? I'm not watching the whole meeting just to see what you're talking about..

Ed Slavin said...

Understood. Will post when County contractor finishes loading video. Thank you,

Ed Slavin said...

4:10:34 or click on the link to "Commissioner Comments" down below. Enjoy! Watch those cringeworthy Commissioners and County Attorney try to silence Commissioner Krista Joseph. Sorry sad sacks afraid of the truth. The truth will set us free.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was political speech because she announced that other members weren't listening to the public and then reminded everyone that elections were coming. Had she mentioned those separately then it wouldn't have been a violation of decorum.

Ed Slavin said...

First Amendment protected activity, Violation of 42 U.S.C. 1983, 1985. Hope she sues or they stop trying to shut her up. Big bullies. .

Ed Slavin said...

Reform Commissioner Krista Keating-Joseph had a First Amendment right to speak and we had a right to hear her speak. Hope she sues Dean and the others for their mendacious mean-spirited man-splaining. "The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on." Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Ok well then I suppose James Higbee should sue as well since she cut him off in keeping with the rules of decorum?

Anonymous said...

Might be James Higbee hit her so she chose to pull that stunt. Higbee worked to get Whitehurst in there didn't he? The one party state hates anyone who doesn't tow the party line 100%. This can be seen by the far right style conspiracy theory rhetoric that came from Higbee.

Anonymous said...

did first amendment rights also protect her statement from the bench that only Republicans should serve on our library boards? where's your outrage about that? no Democrats need apply?

Ed Slavin said...

Good question. Thank you for asking. Commissioner Krista Keating-Joseph's May 16, 2023 question about Library Board applicants was illegal and I objected, in writing, without response. I believe that our Country Attorney may have had a private meeting with her. Feel free to ask the County for the records -- no respone yet to my May 18, 2023 e-mail and followup. This topic was discussed extensively on NextDoor, and one lady wrote that she called Commissioner Joseph about it and her response was to say something about "drag queens." Some of Commissioner Joseph's friends were father insouciant about it. They were wrong and so was Commissioner Joseph. Here are the urls to my two blog posts, including the full text of my May 18, 2023 e-mail, the facts and law of which are by now undisputed and irrefragable.
I told her to knock it off. Like I told Tom Manuel the say he was arrested for bribery, I told her, "Don't do that again."

Ed Slavin said...

Typo. Correction: I told her to knock it off. Like I told Tom Manuel the DAY he was arrested for bribery, I told her, "Don't do that again."