Wednesday, February 26, 2014

St. Augustine Closer to Aquarium, Children's Museum and Cogeneration and Waste Heat Utilization at South End of Riberia (But Please Don't Call it "Riberia Pointe")

Please don't call it Riberia Pointe (or Point) -- the cape at the south end of Lincolnville. The historic name is Buena Esperanza (Good Hope). As a cape, its name requires local consensus, and recognition by the U.S. Board of Geographic Place Names. The developers, city staff and St. Augustine Record did not do their homework on this point, and evidently think they can name it, without benefit of clergy or consensus or legal basis. The name "Riberia Pointe" is not only an affectation, it is anti-historical and pompous.

At any rate, City Commissioners Monday night moved closer to allowing development of a city park, profit-making aquarium and non-profit children's museum there.

The project might also include a two megawatt natural gas powered cogeneration and waste heat utilization facility, producing clean energy, reducing our city's carbon footprint, a potential precursor to reducing electric power rates through a municipal electric utility. How cool is that?!

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