Wednesday, February 05, 2014

St. Johns County Administrator and St. Augustine Beach City Manager: You Have the Right to Remain Silent, But We Wish You Wouldn't

Efforts have been fruitless to get details about the "possibilites" discussed by St. Johns County Administrator MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK, St. Augustine Beach City Administrator MAX ROYLE, St. Augustine Beach Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS, et al. with KEY INTERNATIONAL about our St. Augustine Beach Pier property.

See below.

Mr. WANCHICK, MR. ROYLE: You are not elected. You have the right to remain silent, but we wish you wouldn't.

Perhaps federal grand jury subpoeans under Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure would be desirable. Perhaps the Public Integrity Section of the Justice Department Criminal Division would be interested.

No notes? Vague recollections? Elliptical answers? This is not worth of belief.

See below.

Meanwhile, please, no more undoumented, unwitnessed, unrecorded, no-notes, off-the-record ex parte discussions between public officials on trading or giving away our Pier Park to developers (e.g., MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK's bizarre notion of trading the park for the derelict hotel property, reminiscent of a prior County Administrator's trading contaminated land for the St. Augusitne Beach Firehouse).

No more "snooker" games, St. Johns County.

The whole world is watching you, as The New York Times and PBS Frontline stories established.

Things will never be the same again here in St. Johns County and St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach, Florida. Just ask our friends in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. See below.

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