Saturday, November 21, 2015

No charter review ever, in St. Augustine

There has never been a charter review in St. Augustine, Dr. ROBERT E. LEE, DPA, revealed to Commissioners at the November 19, 2015.  City Attorney ISABELLE LOPEZ agreed, and is aware of no charter review commission ever being appointed.  Wonder why? While the charter has been amended, it was not synoptic: it responded to a crisis or one-percenter demand.
The City of St. Augustine Beach has a Charter Review Commission every ten years.
Most recently, it recommended permanent limits on building heights.
A City of St. Augustine Charter amendment could do the same.
We could also require an Inspector General, Ombuds, and other reforms.
Commissioners barely discussed this finding -- were they too busy trying to find aid and comfort from ROBERT E. LEE, a/k/a "BAGHDAD BOB," looking for love in all the wrong places, or looking for ammo to use against reform Mayor Nancy E. Shaver?
What do you reckon?

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