Saturday, January 06, 2018

Sheriff SHOAR's overt acts of retaliation against FDLE agent are unrebutted: NY Times reporter Walt Bogdanich

In response to reporter Jake Martin's December 31, 2017, New York Times reporter Walt Bogdanich wrote the St. Augustine Record, noting that NONE of the facts in Walter Botdanich's articles have ever been challenged or rebutted by Sheriff DAVID SHOAR.  NO retraction was corrected.  SHOAR lives in an  emotional, fact-free zone;

NYT Reporter: Shoar hasn’t asked for retraction

Editor: I noticed that in your paper’s recent list of the most important stories of 2017 (, you included my article documenting Sheriff Shoar’s attempt to discredit a state law enforcement officer who had found serious shortcomings with the sheriff’s investigation of the Michelle O’Connell shooting. Sheriff Shoar was understandably not pleased with my report, and you said as much. What you did not say is that the sheriff has never once sought a retraction or cited any errors of fact in the thousands of words I have written about the case.
Readers who may have missed my article, which was based on thousands of pages of previously undisclosed public records and dozens of interviews, can find it at:
Walt Bogdanich
Investigative reporter,
The New York Times

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What does this say about the good citizens of St Johns County in light of the fact that Shoar was re-elected after the most damning news was made public long before the election?