Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Sleeping in Meeting AGAIN: St. Augustine Beach City Manager BRUCE MAX ROYLE

City of St. Augustine Beach City Manager BRUCE MAX ROYLE was sleeping on the job -- again -- while Rose Bailey spoke at the December 3, 2018 City Commission meeting.   Watch tape.

Ms. Bailey, her husband, Mark Bailey, Tom Reynolds and I, rightly criticized  ROYLE for his failings during general public comment at the beginning of the 6 PM meeting.

While Ms. Bailey spoke, ROYLE was sleeping.  

The City Manager of St. Augustine Beach has written columns where he joked about sleeping meetings.  Last night, he did it again.

Ms. Bailey mentioned the fact of ROYLE's sleeping, twice, but ROYLE did not wake up.  

When ROYLE did awake, he did not apologize.  

And mediocre Mayor UNDINE CELESTE PAWLOWSKI GEORGE did nothing to inquire as to whether ROYLE was sick, or needed medical help, or when he will retire.  

Like a dysfunctional family, the City of St. Augustine Beach does not discuss its problems -- it ignores them, as disappointing Mayor George does all of the time now.

We in the reality-based community agree that 
St. Augustine Beach has an incompetent, somnambulistic, senile, forgetful City Manager who tolerates:
o lax financial management, 
o alleged sexual harassment, 
o lax regulation of landlords, 
o lax regulation of hoteliers, 
o lax regulation of tree killers, 
o lax regulation of developers,
o violations of Open Records laws.

It's time for him to go. Now.

BRUCE MAX ROYLE is 80 years old and has encumbered the position for some 30 years. 

To MAX ROYLE: It's time for you to go.   Now.  

He's a disgrace to the human race.   

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