Friday, February 19, 2021

Wonder why? Abruptly Pulled From Agenda: Sebastian Inland Harbor Planned Unit Development

 Counsel for the developers of the massive, ugly proposed Sebastian Inland Harbor Planned Unit Development wrote Mayor Tracy Upchurch February 11, 2021, requesting to delete the it3m from the next Commission agenda.

Facing withering questions they were unable or unwilling to answer, the dodgy, devious, developers are going to do their homework.  

This is the first-ever new construction project for hotel developer Summit Hospitality Management Group and its CEO, SA Marina Holdings Manager Gulambbas Abdulhussein.

The site of an old polluting coal-to-gas plant owned by Atlanta Gas Light, the land was sold by the City of St. Augustine to developers after EPA-supervised environmental remediation.

Those developers went belly up, and the property was long owned by a Wells Fargo subsidiary, waiting for gullible buyers.    

The project is massive, intensive and pretentious, and is likely to be affected soon by ocean level rise. 

The project has a long sordid history of environmental injustice and lying. 

Developer mouthpiece GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE, then of Rogers Towers, told Commissioners in 2007 that there was an agreement to build a Westin Hotel.  No documents were provided, and Mayor JOE BOLES said we didn't need to see them.

The project soon went belly up.

In a hurry, corrupt City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRIS (1998-2010) ordered in 2005-2006 a landfill dumped in a lake, working to create artificial wetlands to make up for wetlands destroyed in this project.  (We forced the City to remove the landfill from the Old City Reservoir, placing it in a landfill over HARRISS' angry objections).

City Attorney James Patrick Wilson quit over the dumping of the landfill in a lake. He was later hired as St. Augustine Beach City Attorney, responding to a question from Mayor Sherman Gary Snodgrass, "I worked there for fourteen years. They dumped a landfill in a lake. They didn't ask me and they didn't tell me. So I figured it was time to move on."

Time for speculator Gulambbas Abdulhussein. to pull his PUD. 

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