Wednesday, February 24, 2016

83-32 Vote Removes Murderer Statue From U.S. Capitol: Murdered Moores to Replace It?

On February 24, 2016, the Florida House of Representatives voted to pass SB310 and to remove the statue of controversial racist murderer Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith from the U.S. Capitol.
Born in St. Augustine, General Edmund Kirby was most noted for ordering the murders of African-American prisoners of war.
The Senate already passed HB310 by vote of 33-7. The bill now goes to Governor Richard Lynn Scott.
By January 1, 2017, there will be a recommendation for replacement statue and sculptor: how about Harry and Harriette Moore, the only married couple ever murdered in a civil rights murder, who together registered 100,000 African-Americans in Florida, worked for equal pay for black teachers, investigating every lynching from 1943-1951? My late mentor, KKK-buster Stetson Kennedy, stated his last wishes on his deathbed to his wife, Sandra Parks: that the Moores be honored and remembered.
The Moores were murdered in their bed on her birthday, December 25, 1951 (Christmas).
Dynamite was planted under their Mims, Florida bedroom by KKK (aided and abetted by Florida law enforcement, Stetson believed).
So much for the KKK as a Christian organization.
For more, see earlier story here.
Nor voting were five members: Reps. Hager, Kerner, McBurney, Powell, Slosberg.
Voting against were Reps. Adkins, Baxley, Beshears, Bileca, Broxson, Combee, Cummings, Drake, Eagle, Fant, Gaetz, Hill, Ingogila, Ingram, Miller, O'Toole, Pigman, Pilon, Plakon, Ray, Santiago, Spano, Steube, Stone, Sullivan, Tobia, Trumbull, Van Zant and Wood. Color them
Unenlightened, insensitive, Klucked-up, racist Republicans: are these 32 reprobates prospective members of the Florida KKK Caucus?

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