Tuesday, February 23, 2016

City Commissioner NANCY SIKES-KLINE Serving Illegally on County HRRB? She must resign. Now.

Dear Commissioner Sikes-Kline:
1. Will you please resign as a member of the St. Johns County Historic Resources Review Board (HRRB)?
2. Your service on both the City Commission and the HRRB apparently violations the dual office holding provision of Article II, Section 5(a) of our Florida Constitution.
Thank you.
With kindest regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Ed Slavin


Since 2009, has St. Augustine City Commissioner NANCY SIKES-KLINE served illegally on the St. Johns County Historic Resources Review Board (HRRB), holding two offices -- St. Augustine City Commissioner and St. Johns County HRRB member -- thereby apparently violating Florida's dual office-holding provision in the Florida Constitution, Article II, Section 5(a)?

Florida Constitution, Article II, Section 5(a) states:

SECTION 5. Public officers.–

(a) No person holding any office of emolument under any foreign government, or civil office of emolument under the United States or any other state, shall hold any office of honor or of emolument under the government of this state. No person shall hold at the same time more than one office under the government of the state and the counties and municipalities therein, except that a notary public or military officer may hold another office, and any officer may be a member of a constitution revision commission, taxation and budget reform commission, constitutional convention, or statutory body having only advisory powers.

On February 16, 2016, ST. JOHNS County Commissioners voted to require that HRRB members make financial disclosures, based upon the Florida Ethics Commission ruling on the St. Augustine Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB). Both Boards were misclassified as "advisory" by maladroit County and City lawyers for years.

Members of HARB and HRRB were never required to file financial disclosures until 2015/2016 on the spurious basis that they were not "offices."

I first raised the issue in 2014.

"Never give up," as Dr. Robert Hayling and Winston Churchill said.

Now that the cobwebs of bad legal advice have been cleared away by the Florida Ethics Commission opinion and the County Commission's vote, we can't tolerate SIKES-KLINE's lawbreaking any longer.

It's time for NANCY SIKES-KLINE to resign from HRRB or face a constitutional crisis under our Florida Constitution, Article II, Section 5(a).

What do y'all reckon?

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Tom Reynolds said...

This is very troubling to read. How could this ever happen ? Who does Kline think she is ? All right, not to worry I got this. The Ethics Commission rejected my last complaint against her. This one is criminal and requires the Office of Attorney General to be involved. Without any DOUBT, City Attorney Isabel Lopez is a COMPLETE INCOMPETENT. No more Mr Nice Guy for me. I am going to get all the Cities and County Elected Officials Complaints filled out, filled, and demand full accountability by all Agencies that are in charge !