Thursday, January 25, 2024

HUNTER SINCLAIR CONRAD still using County address for Florida Bar! Former County Administrator Quit June 29, 2023

St. Johns County commissioners hire Hunter Conrad as administrator, forgo  search

On June 29, 2023, controversial County Administrator HUNTER SINCLAIR CONRAD resigned in disgrace.  He never applied for the job, but got it as a sinecure on motion of Commissioner ISAAC HENRY DEAN (one of the biggest mistakes he's made in 42 years of government service). Unknot. to citizens when he was hired in 2019, CONRAD was an unindicted coconspirator in a 2019 Chicago federal bribery case.  As of January 23, 2024, CONRAD is still using the address of St. Johns County Commission for Florida Bar registration. It's been six months and 25 days.  He's a member in good standing of the Florida Bar. Shouldn't he have changed his address six months ago?  I'd ask him, but the pugnacious punk twice told me during budget hearings in 2020 and 2021 during his reign of ruin, "I don't have to answer your questions. I work for the Board of County Commissioners."

I've mentioned the Florida Bar mailing address issue to our insouciant,  all-Republican Commissioners some three times in public comment.  They apparently don't give a fig.  

From Florida Bar website:

Hunter S Conrad 

Member in Good Standing 
Eligible to Practice Law in Florida 


500 San Sebastian Vw
St Augustine, FL 32084-8686

Office: 904-209-0530

Saint Johns




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    Anonymous said...

    Who cares

    Anonymous said...

    Publix taking mountains of money out of our communities and our state is much more important topic than Hunter Conrad's laptop. 2.9 billion 2021-2022 but only paid out $205 million in wages per SEC report. Point is other than the gouging and labor exploitation, Republicans like Jim Jordan blame Biden for high grocery prices while they protect the "freedom" of these companies to gouge and pay much less than the profits that they rake in. If hard times were upon us all because of the Dems, these companies wouldn't be pulling multi billion dollar profits year after year. We should be angry at Joe Biden because of the gouging, wages being 14X less than profits, and record breaking profits? Republicans tell the opposite of the truth and obscure their role in these problems. They are the ones who stand between big businesses and the ones who would force companies to behave differently towards workers and society.

    Anonymous said...

    Hunter Conrad brought religious fundamentalism into an otherwise civil institution..civilized that is