Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Associated Press Downplays FPL's lack of corrective action and root cause analysis

See below. First, read the clear-as-mud AP story.

Then read the text of the NRC's $70,000 fine letter and citation.

Our City of St. Augustine renewed FPL's franchise for 30 years without addressing concerns about nuclear power and FPL's abuse of whistleblowers. Now we're stuck with FPL for 30 years. Nice going, City Commissioners.

FPL's lack of responsibility, 2004-2010, is shocking.

FPL allowed a dangerous situation to persist that could have resulted in a radiation criticality, while failing to report it to NRC and failing to perform proper root cause analysis.

AP quoted a company spokesman, but not NRC.

NRC's press release gave two wrong numbers and a wrong fax number.

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