Monday, June 21, 2010

City's uninformed "defenders" rail against preserving history

Former Mayors MARK ALEXANDER and LEONARD WEEKS were defeated at the polls because of their contempt for democracy. now they show contempt for civil rights of citizens once again, brandishing disrespect for the University of FLorida's statutory role in preservation of St. Augustine. See below.

What a couple of lugubrious goobers -- they know not that they know not that they know not. On this issue, Rep. Wm. L. Proctor is correct, and the putative "city fathers" are wrong.

They have no imagination, no knowledge and no political base.

WEEKS has a construction company and restaurant. ALEXANDER has a restaurant/bar.

They think of tourists as a group of clods to be exploited by cheesy clip joints.

They have no more idea than a hog of a national park and seashore attracting the right kind of tourists -- people who spend more money and get more out of their visit because they're interested in the environment and history of our area.

These are not deep thinkers.

These are not public servants.

These are hogs at the public trough.

It is time for them to go.

Speaking of hogs, WILLIAM B. HARRISS' last City Commission meeting is one week from tonight. It's time for him to go!

For so long as HARRISS was City Manager, St. Augustine City Commissioners would never support a national park or seashore, based upon HARRISS' predatory desire to see developers destroy every wetland and beach in sight for private profit.

The developers (foreign-funded Philistines) are in over their heads, are in foreclosure are in bankruptcy court or some may be heading to prison, along with one of their major supporters -- former St. Johns County Commission Chairman THOMAS G. MANUEL, who was elected as a reformer, who now resides in a federal penitentiary.

The notion of the City rejecting UF's help is as illogical as it gets.

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