Friday, July 01, 2011

Celebrating the End of the First America Foundation, Secretive, Sunshine-violating Failure -- City of St. Augustine Has Learned Its Lesson

One of the countless drawbacks of UPCHURCH, BAILEY & UPCHURCH attorney DON WALLIS' tatterdemalion Sunshine-violating FIRST AMERICA FOUNDATION was that it was supposed to raise corporate funds in secret for our City’s 450th birthday (and the 500th anniversary of Spanish Florida, 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 200th anniversary of the Florida Constitution).
WALLIS' sere FAF was a sellout without a single success.
As City Commissioner Wiliam Leary stated, unaccountable FAF “did not raise a dime.”
Secret corporate control of the Economics Department at FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY by KOCH INDUSTRIES is sinister. See below.
Imagine if FAF had been successful, and in a position to sell out our history to the highest bidder, like the chain gang putative academics at FSU. That would have been awful.
Be glad that FAF is gone. Be joyful! We won, and without even filing a lawsuit (or costing us another $100,000 in City-paid plaintiff attorney fees).

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