Thursday, May 08, 2014

IN HAEC VERBA: My letter asking St. Augustine City Commissioners to reverse special interest waiver of archaeological excavation fee for one (1) developer, without adequate public notce, without legal or policy memo, and without justification or excuse, in violation of the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses

Dear Mayor and Commissioners:
Please reconsider your hasty, ill-advised, possibly unconstitutional 5/7 waiver of archaeological excavation fee and kindly place on
5/12 agenda for public hearing with public comment.
Please don't violate our Sunshine and Open Records rights ever again.
Please reverse this unwise vote in favor of special privileges for a one-percenter.
There were no good policy reasons given, no legal or policy memo or advice, inadequate public notice, a bad precedent was created, and the beneficiary is a wealthy lawyer who can't claim to be ignorant of the law. His architect is Commissioner Crichlow, who well knows about archaeology fees.
In short: this fee waiver stinks.
It is void or voidable ab initio as a contract violation of public policy and a violation of Article I, Section 24 of the Florida Constitution and our Sunshine law.
There could be state or federal criminal prosecution for Sunshine violations.
Please reverse this vote and hold an open public hearing on the issue on 5/12.
What do y'all reckon?
Thank you!
With kindest regards, I am,
Ed Slavin

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