Thursday, May 15, 2014

Local Preparations for Ocean Level Rise in St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach and St. Johns County, Florida as of May 15, 2014

Local leaders, please provide on your websites and we will print links.
Don't attempt to charge us a dime for asking question.
It is The People's Business.
Citizens: Do you know of any plans by local governments to cope with ocean level rise in St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach and St. Johns County?
Our Mayor (Joseph L. Boles, Jr.) and one Commissioner have been known to say, "We don't want to reinvent the wheel."
Monday I told Mayor Boles to stop using that God-awful cliche. It discourages creative people.
It insults our intelligence. The wheel is reinvented every day -- there are 500,000 patents on wheels. We reinvent democracy, reinvent technology and reinvent everything else. Al Gore wrote a book and sponsored innovation during the Clinton Administration under the rubric of Reinventing Government.
Yes we can!
On Global Warming, Commissioner Donald Crichlow has rightly raised the issue of Global Warming and Ocean Level Rise Preparedness.
We need to heed his call.
We are a coastal community, and could lose everything.
Our history.
Our nature.
Our wildlife.
Our culture.
In 100 years, St. Augustine could be the southernmost point in the United States.
Parts of it could be underwater.
It makes sense to plan.
Part of our planning must be the St. Augustine National Historical Park and National Seashore.
What do you reckon?

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