Monday, May 12, 2014


Someone who threatened not to close on 102 Bridge Street unless the City of St. Augustine waived his archaeological excavation fee.
How rude.
How crude.
How crooked.
How narcissistic.
How Neanderthal.
A wealthy lawyer from State College, Pennsylvania, rated poorly by his students at Penn State, where he taught business law.
This shady supercilious millionaire who paid the archaeological fee for his mansion at 125 Marine Street, but lied to Commissioners May 7 that he did not know about archeological fee.
This miscreant one-percenter, a willful man who will close on 102 Bridge Street today, unless he makes more indecent demands.
Robber Baron DAVID BARTON CORNEAL is not to be trusted.
The City of St. Augustine should revoke is illegal approval of the fee waiver, and tell DAVID BARTON CORNEAL that we're not afraid of millionaires around here. Not the ones who have lived here for centuries, and not one who just registered to vote here on January 8, 2014.
In James Madison's words, "here, sir, the People govern."
Tell Commissioners to read JFK's Profiles in Courage, and stand up to the oppression of DAVID BARTON CORNEAL. Now.


Anonymous said...

you sound like an envious whiner....
a "robber"? how did the city acquire this property?

Ed Slavin said...

The term is "Robber Baron" and it fits. Read the book? Know your history? Do you have any idea about who the "Robber Barons" were and are? No, not a "robber," a "Robber Baron." Who among us could disagree?