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ANNALS OF ST. AUGUSTINE: Did Ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS Commit Perjury About 62A Spanish Street "Accident": September 25, 2014 DON PEDRO FORNELLS HOUSE DESTRUCTION

Destruction of 211-year old Don Pedro Fornells House by ex-Mayor of St. Augustine LEN WEEKS on September 25, 2014 was no "accident." Yet seven incurious PZB members gave him another special zoning privilege April 3, not asking one question following up on my testimony. The City fined WEEKS the grand amount of $3700 for working without permits, collapsing Spanish colonial building as he ignored instructions from City building officials and his own engineer and architect. Violating the OSHA General Duty clause, ex-Mayor WEEKS risked lives of workers inside and outside the building. But OSHA took no action, based on a Jacksonville office policy of refusing to investigate building collapses unless a worker is hurt or killed.

"I'm not going to shake your hand. You're a piece of scum." -- So barked disgraced ex-Mayor Claude Leonard Weeks, Jr., a/k/a "LEN WEEKS," to me (Ed Slavin), April 3, 2018, in the St. Augustine City meeting room, after I congratulated him on his latest victory before a city board on behalf of his may businesses.

I had testified and frankly disputed WEEKS testifying under oath and misusing and abusing the word "accident" to describe what happened September 25, 2014 -- his working without permits, ignoring directions from his own and City experts, resulting in the destruction of 211-year old Don Pedro Fornells House as an "accident" should be treated as perjury.   WEEKS was fined $3700 for lawbreaking.  OSHA did nothing.  No word on DBPR complaints.

At the time of the destruction, non-resident WEEKS was chair of the City's Historic Architectural Review Board and its Parking and Traffic Committee.  When WEEKS resigned, City manager John Regan was in tears, stating WEEKS was his "mentor" on "historic preservation."

Contractor-landlord-politician WEEKS' character was at issue in a special use permit.  WEEKS did not dispute my testimony.

While Chair Sarah Ryan interrupted me, I explained the relevance and spoke the truth about the destruction of 62A Spanish Street, the property in quo in the application.  Everything I said was under oath and matter of public record.

Yet seven incurious members of the Planning and Zoning Board of the City of St. Augustine allowed property owner WEEKS' tenant to sell alcohol in the new building at that site.

WEEKS'  new 62A Spanish Street building lacks ADA access to the second floor and fire door for the second floor. Yet WEEKS' tenant, Bath Junkie, wanted to sell alcohol on the second floor.  It may now do it on the first floor, in connection with entertaining spouses and family members of people customizing bath products.

After WEEKS testified that the destruction of his building caused by his illegal work resulting in destroying an historic building was an "accident," I disputed it.

In retaliation and desperation for having been called out for his crime against St. Augustine history, WEEKS disrupted the meeting as he left.

As he walked by me, I said "congratulations," and reached out my hand to shake his hand.  WEEKS bellowed, " "I'm not going to shake your hand. You're a piece of scum."  I responded facetiously, "I love you too."  We both earned a rebuke from Ms. B.J. Kalaidi, but not the PZB chair, who had moved on to other business.

WEEKS' perjurious, false characterization of his destruction of 62A Spanish Street is noteworthy.

Ex-Mayors LEN WEEKS and JOE BOLES were exposed by Folio Weekly Magazine in 2014, contributing to BOLES' twin electoral defeats that year.

Nancy Shaver and Joe Boles survived the three-person primary, and "upstart" Nancy Shaver -- as the St. Augustine Record called her  (in an article by developer fanboy Stuart Korfhage).  Nancy Shaver then defeated Boles in the November 2014 general election.

The Folio article was about their long-term, below-market. no-bid lease of City property at 81 St. George Street.  The pair promised public restrooms as the come-on for the sweetheart deal which close in the early evening, resulting in the public pooping and pissing problems WEEKS testified to on February 26, 2018 in pursuit of another possibly unconstitutional ordinance governing "his" historic area.   I filed a March 4, 2018 USDOJ ADA complaint against the City of St. Augustine over its tenants WEEKS and BOLES failing to provide 24/7 ADA accessible restrooms in a tourist town with some six million visitors annually.

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Warren Celli said...

Lord Lenny, one of the founding fathers of Pig Tourism.

What a flawed vision from a flawed hypocrite individual.

Remember all those fairy tales he use to tell about the cute little historically correct village with the friendly and kind hearted merchant shopkeepers living over their craft oriented businesses. What a noodle headed scam!

He and his pig merchant murderous cronies hijacked the city government and turned a once vibrant, joyous,and happy family oriented place, into a stinking, filthy, overly repressive road side joint mall overrun with state alcohol and tobacco drug dealers.

Then they all bailed out of the stinking downtown area themselves leaving the residents holding the bag. Still at it, they recently further stripped the people they impoverished of their free speech rights with their continued self serving Jim Crow machinations against the homeless. Compassionless, heartless, xtrevilist, immoral buffoons that belong in mental institutions in strait jackets for reprogramming.

I did not know self anointed 'Lord Lenny' added state drug sales to his corruptly permitted rebuild — how fitting!

Lord Lenny — crapping on the scam 'rule of law' for over eighteen years now!

Read this eighteen year old 'Banned and Confiscated in Saint Augustine', "Saint Aug Dog" newspaper...