Friday, April 06, 2018

55 Years Later, City of St. Augustine Now Has a "Biracial Committee," on Confederate War Memorial Contextualization

Historians note that the City of St. Augustine, Florida NEVER achieved a "biracial committee," one of the demands of African-Americans here in 1963.

Until now.

The 2018 St. Augustine Confederate Memorial Contextualization Committee, chaired by T.J. Jackson, is the committee that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Kng, Jr. and Dr. Robert Hayling requested.

In response to public testimony, Commissioners appointed it, with a deadline to report back by May 2018.  The Committee is doing an excellent job, only 55 years after it was first requested.

If there were not outspoken people who love St. Augustine -- 82 testified August 28, 2017 -- our City would have made a big mistake -- either:

  • taking down the local veteran monument, or 
  • ignoring criticism of Confederate imagery in our Plaza.

Either option would have set back race relations progress.

Compromise unanimously adopted by Commissioners was correct.

As I told Committee members on April 4, 2018 (50th anniversary of MLK's murder in Memphis), Dr. King would be proud, and so am I, and so is our community.

It takes a village.

Three cheers!


Warren Celli said...

Ed you are really emitting raw sewerage from your rectum on this farce contextualization scam.

To equate Dr. Kings call for a biracial committee here in 1963 in order to stop the bloodshed that was going on at that time, to now saving a monument that represents the enslavement policy that was responsible for committing that blood shed at that time is preposterous. This is NOT, in any way shape or form, the committee that Dr. King requested!

The public testimony that appointed this scam contextualization farce is the same public testimony overseen by the same criminal enterprise that just stripped the homeless population of their Civil Rights to FREE SPEECH! Not a sterling reference for the scam contextualization effort.

To expect that a small, so deceptively anointed committee can speak for all of the unique feelings of all of the individuals involved is not only impossible it is the height of arrogance. It would be easier to catch a fart and paint it purple.

It is so easy to deceive and in the process destroy. The heroes are those who resist the deceptions.

" No person has a right to rain on your dreams" Martin Luther King Jr.

Ed Slavin said...

I can just feel the love, Warren.

This is vulgar. Keep it clean. or I won't post your writings. Thank you.

That being said, have you watched ANY of the committee meetings? Same rote incantations about things you know nothing about? Say something intelligent, based on FACTS, please. Try it.

Warren Celli said...

The vulgarity here is deceptively putting false meaning in a dead man's mouth.

Ignoring facts and deflection is the business of this criminal self serving pig government and/or someone who can not defend the Pollyanna gloss they have just put on the droppings of said fetid pig government.

I know quite a bit about deception Ed and especially the part the deflection of intentionally ignoring facts plays in it.

" No person has a right to rain on your dreams" Martin Luther King Jr.