Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Republicans will depend on voter suppression once again in 2020.

Controversial St. Johns County, Florida Supervisor of Elections VICTORIA OAKES tries to defend her office's record at a house party.

For years, VICTORIA OAKES has avoided and evaded my questions, resulting in my filing to run for Supervisor of Elections as a Democrat.

Photo and cutline from St. Augustine Report, published by former St. Augustine Mayor George R. Gardner:

Florida election officials lack cybersecurity preparedness.

They lack transparency.

Too many lack decent respect for our Constitution and voting rights.

There is no early voting location within the the City of St. Augustine, and your Supervisor of Elections has long refused to open one, e.g., at the main library branch.

St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections VICTORIA OAKES and her office:

refuse to locate polling places in government buildings like schools, at no cost, paying rent to churches (and even a hotel) for polling places on private property.

dispense inaccurate information, like falsely telling candidates they can't get candidate petitions signed on government property.

stopped posting candidate biographies on our SoE webpage, after discriminatorily demanding that I censor mine.

St. Augustine Port Waterway and Beach District Chairman Barry Mark Benjamin is registered to vote from a boat at 65 Lewis Blvd. marina, but lives and gets his mail in Jacksonville, where he lives with his wife and mother.

 No remedial action has been taken.

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