Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We need a functioning system of public transportation, seven days a week: My letter to St. Johns County and Sunshine Bus Company re: Need for Competitive Bidding

RE: Need for Competitive Bidding; SJC/Sunshine Bus Company/Council on Aging Open Records Requests -- Your Lawbreaking, Avoidance, Evasion and Bad Faith "Massive Resistance" Tactics
Dear Ms. Yanni and Messrs. Andrews, McCormack, Wanchick, and Boles:
1. Please call to discuss my pending open records requests this morning; kindly provide a copy of your spreadsheet(s) on my requests.
2. Please cease and desist from all "Boulwareism" -- your "take it or leave it" tactics are beneath the dignity of a free people. See, e.g., General Electric Co. , 150 NLRB 192, 194-95, 57 LRRM 1491 (1964), enforced , 418 F.2d 736, 756-57 (2d Cir. 1969), cert. denied, 397 U.S. 965 (1970) . Enough.
3. Please state any lawful reason why the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners should not issue an Invitation for Bids and Request for Qualifications on the bus transportation contract. The public interest requires competitive bidding.
4. Please identify any antitrust exemption, with citations and legal opinions, if any, should any one of you contend SJC and COA are exempt from antitrust laws on this contract.
5. I believe that the no-bid contract potentially violates federal antitrust laws and I am prepared to report the facts to the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department if information is not provided promptly and if the longtime no-bid contract is not subject to competitive bidding. See, e.g.,15 U.S.C. 1.
6. Again, I am prepared to meet with y'all in person to discuss the current and prospective nature, structure and performance of the Sunshine Bus Company, and successor organizations, and to answer any questions about any of my requests.
7. I forgive you. But f rom this day forward, requesters are entitled to be treated with dignity, respect and consideration by SJC, COA and Sunshine Bus Company.
Thank you.
Ed Slavin

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