Thursday, October 08, 2015

Bombastic SJSO Employee Response to Michelle O'Connell's Mom (Patti O'Connell) Posting From This Blog re: Sheriff SHOAR (in haec verba)

From Facebook:
Nicolette Nordan TISK (sic) TISK (sic) for sharing BULL SHIT! BEFORE YOU believe (sic) a disgruntled (sic) blogger (sic) who does nothing (sic) more then attempt to grab attention at the sake of screaming UNFAIRNESS just to ensure another means of "self entitlement" by any and all govt entitles (sic), make sure you do a full 360 of research vs listening to this persons (sic) jaded (sic) views of all things government (sic). i'd (sic) like to remind Mr; (sic) Slavin, when the shit hits the fan, its 911 you call! not your friends who support a lack luster (sic) blog full of untruths (sic) and proclamations based off of 'what he feels". This man is a moron (sic) ..nuff (sic) said.. TISK (sic) TISK (sic) for sharing crap!


Anonymous said...

please leave out the (sic)s they are distracting to the reader its noise not content

Ed Slavin said...

No, thank you, request respectfully denied.
The "sic" tells the reader that something immediately preceding it is illiterate or untrue: I would never want my readers to think I agreed with anyone else's falsehoods, grammatical errors, trite tropes or illiterate animadversions.
In 1981, I wrote an article as editor of the Appalachian Observer in East Tennessee in which I "sic"'d a Tennessee Supreme Court decision three times in one paragraph. I am a stickler for correctly using that typographical symbol. It's part of my DNA. Got the idea from reading William F. Buckley, Jr.