Saturday, October 31, 2015

NO DISCLOSURE: Tax Increase Supporter Is Deputy School Superintendent in Charge of Facilities, TIM FORSON -- print version of Record did not identify him

TIMOTHY FORSON, given unlimited time to speak to St. Augustine City Commission on 8% sales tax hike, without public comment or rebuttal
(5.5% of the words in this overwrought 326 word letter are self-referential vertical pronouns from a smarmy schoolmarm in charge of giving contracts to engineering and construction firms).
Letter: An investment in St. Johns County learning always pays off
Posted: October 30, 2015 - 11:44pm | Updated: October 30, 2015 - 11:49pm
By Tim Forson
St. Augustine Record
Editor: I am a lifelong resident of St. Johns County and proud to have grown up in this community. During the time I was growing up, St. Johns County was a quiet area of several communities with a great deal of history and a slow pace of change. As I raised my family here I have watched the county grow and develop into a wonderful community for families. I feel what sets us apart is the fact that the school system and the community continue to recognize the importance of quality education and character development. Those two priorities are vital to St. Johns County as it continues to grow.
We all recognize the history of St. Johns County and we are all responsible for the future of the county. We all must invest in the future our county to ensure well-educated, responsible, and respectful children. Although schools cannot replace the importance of the family, they can be the foundation for the future of St. Johns County. With this in mind, the ½-cent sales tax makes sense. Although my children are now grown, it would be selfish for me to say “no” to the sales tax referendum.
The growth in our county and the increasing demands on classroom teachers creates stress on the school system. The numbers have been shared with the community. The need is obvious. The sales tax referendum is not just about new schools, it is a lifeline to the school system to maintain and enhance the current learning environment for all students. If approved, these funds will also provide for appropriate commitments to technology and school safety. Providing new schools ensures existing schools do not become overcrowded. Investing in our existing schools maintains consistency and excellence throughout the county. I will soon retire, but I do not plan to leave the community I love. Therefore I plan to vote “yes” so that I continue to support St. Johns County for the next 10 years.
NOT IN PRINT VERSION: Forsen is deputy superintendent of operations for the St. Johns County School District

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