Thursday, December 01, 2016

Dark money could not defeat our relentless reform Mayor, Nancy Shaver

How do you like them apples, dark money losers?

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Warren Celli said...

Reform Mayor? Where's the reform?


"When have you ever heard Nancy Slaver speak out about a criminal administrative class that has usurped citizen's Constitutional power and created a long string of immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional Jim Crow laws? Laws that eliminate citizen's freedom and opportunity all deceptively enacted in order to freeze out competition and stifle political opposition? When have you ever heard Nancy Slaver speak out about the hijacked power that has allowed them to stay in power, control the media to brainwash the citizenry, foment divisiveness, steal the public commons, run roughshod over the residents and control prices and wages? When have you ever heard Nancy Slaver speak out about how in the process they have corrupted law enforcement at all levels and created an ever growing homeless class used to instill "job loss fear" in all workers so as to reduce social mobility and make all workers accept crappy, dead end, only game in town, low wage and no benefit jobs?

Nancy Slaver should have been jumping up and down in protest on the city commission table at every commission meeting in the last two years. She has not! Instead the strongest I have ever heard from her, celebrated on Ed Slavin's web site many times, is her code word abstract baloneyspeak passionless statement that; "The streets are empty." An abstraction ostensibly meant to deviously and obliquely signal support for the tyrannically oppressed street artists. What cowardly rubbish!

Do you need testimony as to her insular elite KKK attitudes? Check her current web site. After two years in office as Mayor of one of the most corrupt and oppressive citys in Florida she says, "Our Budget Shows Our Values". Then she goes on to talk about complaints about pot holes and make the point that we need to spend more money on paving. She equates misallocation of money for pot holes and paving as a reflection of "our" values. "Our?" Does she have a turd in her pocket? Sorry Nancy Slaver, but pot holes and paving don't even make a blip on my value radar screen. Discussing them as an expression of values, while ignoring the murders and destruction of the fabric of this city caused by the gross corruption of the 'rule of law', only expresses instead the insular arrogance and intentionally deceptive lies of omission that are now so commonplace."

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