Monday, December 05, 2016

Florida proposes $820,000 sewage pollution fine: State getting serious on pollution by cities (TBT)

AP FLORIDA 1 000Florida wants to fine city $820,000 for sewage spills
Published: December 3, 2016

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — State authorities are proposing to fine the city of St. Petersburg nearly a million dollars due to spills from its aging sewage system.

The Tampa Bay Times reported Saturday ( ) that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection plans to fine the city $820,000.

Since August 2015 about 200 million gallons of sewage have been released into area bays and waterways.

St. Petersburg could avoid paying the fine if it implements a pollution prevention project, either by reducing pollution or conserving the amount of waste it generates.

State authorities have also called on city officials to dig injection wells to treat wastewater underground, make improvements to increase capacity at an existing sewage plant and repair leaky pipes.

Information from the Tampa Bay Times:

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Anonymous said...

I recently moved to St. Petersburg, FL and noticed a foul odor!
Horrid. This ruined my stay and placed me in fear. The reputation of St. Petersburg, FL is not responsible due let their sewer pipe lines go for so long without updates.

On a separate issue: The people in the Tampa bay area, FL have been prejudice like a backwoods hokey folk. You would think for all the tourism that the area advertises that customer service would be uptown, updated, and respective/fair. Sad.

WAKE UP ST PETERSBURG, FL - you can't go around ignoring your sewage damage spilling all over the sea to get us sick and have bad smelling odors wafting to frighten us. Then why the old school unreasonable behavior additionally? Get real please, this is modern day USA and we are here to stay. You cannot ignore the could odor nor this movement here.

Do better - a warning from an active consumer.