Saturday, December 03, 2016

Inspire someone today.


Tom Reynolds said...

Thank you Ed, I needed this today.

W said...

• RESIST ANY erosion of your Civil Liberties, no matter how small. Work to protect and grow the public commons.

• Get Solvent ASAP. Avoid sorrow don't borrow! The thirty plus year bull bond market (all the bubbles that have caused the turmoil domestically and in foreign countries around the globe) is unsustainable. DO NOT get caught with your pants down. It is possible that 100 trillion dollars of phony derivative fiat credit/money could disappear globally overnight. There will be NO chairs left when the music stops playing. Until that time continual global rolling bubbles in specific countries and sectors of the economy (especially oil and finance) will be used to justify austerity and sequestration (cute little euphemisms for screwing you financially and draining your resources) will be increased. Focus your efforts on becoming self sufficient and support community programs and others that do the same.

• Take a world view and expose corruption and the phonies amongst us, You do have a civic responsibility to yourself and to others to make the world you live in sustainable...

The good captain realizes that she is not only responsible for her ship's safety but she is also responsible for the quality of the water she navigates in... a responsibility that goes beyond mitigating the negative impacts of her own vessel... a responsibility that includes insuring that other vessels do the same... a responsibility that extends to safeguarding all creatures, great and small, whether sea based or land based, as they all contribute to the quality of the water... it is wise to realize that even the most seaworthy vessel will eventually founder in a polluted sea of slime, thick sludge and debris...

• Study and learn. You are what you have been through, but now and the future are up to you.

• Stay positive — we can do this!

Express love and sharing with those who are genuinely kind and giving, shun and castigate those who are not.

Life's great, stay busy, have fun!
...and peace to you all!