Thursday, December 08, 2016

Meet Dave Alban, Manager of RICH O'BRIEN's hotel interests and COO of RING POWER

LAUREN RINGHAVER and her husband, controversial St. Augustine Beach Mayor RICHARD O'BRIEN, are no longer listed as managers or directors of GRACIE HOLDINGS LLC.

But this gentleman -- DAVID ALBAN, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER AND CORPORATE SECRETARY OF RING POWER -- is now listed as the sole manager listed on GRACIE HOLDINGS LLC's 2016 report to the Florida Secretary of State:

David Alban Named Chief Operating Officer & Corporate Secretary 

December 21, 2015 at 3:14 PM — Ring Power
David Alban has been named Chief Operating Officer & Corporate Secretary for Ring Power Corporation. The move was effective December 3. 
In this role, Alban will oversee all of Ring Power’s equipment divisions’ sales and product support operations, as well as Phoenix Products, Human Resources, Training, Purchasing, Facilities and Security. 
Prior to this appointment, Alban was Executive Vice President & Corporate Secretary, with responsibility for Heavy Equipment Product Support, Power Systems Division Product Support, Phoenix Products, Human Resources and Training, Purchasing, Facilities and Security.

Alban’s career with Ring Power dates back to 2001 in the Sales Training program, where he spent time working in the service shops, learning firsthand what happens day-to-day. He also worked in the Heavy Equipment Rental department and was promoted to manager of the newly launched Agricultural Equipment division in 2003.

In 2004, when Ring Power’s Six Sigma initiative began, Alban was selected to be a Black Belt project leader. In 2008, he was named Vice President of Lift Trucks. The next year, Alban was promoted to Vice President & Corporate Secretary, with responsibility for Power Systems Product Support. In 2010, he added Heavy Equipment Product Support, Training & Safety to his responsibilities.

In 2013, Alban was named Executive Vice President & Corporate Secretary, overseeing Power Systems and Heavy Equipment Product Support, Training & Safety.  The following year he added Purchasing, Facilities, Security and Phoenix Products to his responsibilities.

In his new role, Alban will continue to report directly to Chairman and President, Randy Ringhaver.

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