Saturday, February 03, 2018

Will Hotelier KANTI PATEL try to turn skyscraper bank building into six-story hotel? (JAX DAILY RECORD)

Speculator KANTI PATEL just bought the iconic six-story downtown bank building for $10 million.

Knowing how our City of St. Augustine, Florida officials have historically kowtowed to shadowy hotelier KANTI PATEL I'm wondering whether any of them would ever EVEN think about letting PATELturn the iconic six story Treasury building into a hotel?

It would violate our fire safety, building code and zoning laws. 

There's not enough parking here and there's a severe mobility problem here in St. Augustine.

But a City government too often "frozen in the ice of its own indifference" (in FDR's words), one that too often rubber-stamps bad projects, is capable of (nearly) anything. 

As former local Fox TV journalist-vidoographer J.D. Pleasant told me nearly 13 years ago, "They will say and do anything."

What do you reckon?

Will a dodgy developer be allowed to break the law (again)?  Stay tuned. 

This is worthy of investigation and litigation. 

Enough greedy developers ruining "our village," as County Commission Chairman Henry Dean calls it. 

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Thanks to Jacksonville's Daily Record (February 2, 2018):


Treasury on the Plaza in St. Augustine sold for $10 million

Kasam Hospitality buys property from California investment company.
by: Scott Sailer Editorial Research Director
The Treasury on the Plaza in St. Augustine’s historic district sold Tuesday for $10 million.
Kasam Hospitality, a hotel developer based in St. Augustine, bought the six-story building at 24 Cathedral Place from Virtu Cathedral Associates LLC, a California-based investment company that has owned the property since 2001.

The interior of The Treasury on the Plaza.

The building opened in 1927 as the First National Bank Building and has housed different banks until 2013, when Wells Fargo moved out. The building has been used as a private event venue since 2014, most notably for weddings.
The registered agent for Kasam Hospitality Inc. is Kanti Patel, the owner of the proposed San Marco Hotel at 28 San Marco Ave.

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