Thursday, October 11, 2018

Facebook Deletes "Right Wing News" and Some 800+ Phony Accounts, Apparently Including "Renee Rotto"

"Right Wing News" and more than 800 fake news sites and posters -- apparently including pestilential right-wing "Renee Rotto" -- are no longer on Facebook.
To my Facebook friends who asked me to block "Renee Rotto," thanks to every single one of you for speaking out -- but I asked Facebook to take care of it.
She's gone.


Stephanie Campbell said...


Stephanie Campbell said...


Warren Celli said...

With smiling happy faces the victims climb the steps to the gallows and gleefully put their heads in the nooses.

Unelected Facebook, funded (like google) by the cia, owns the gallows.

Keep on pretending!

Pyrrhic victory number 4,254,995!

Keep on pretending.

Unknown said...

It looks like she's back. She's already reporting people, too. I was hoping the had was gone forever.

Tracey X. said...

Nope. She's back. She's already reporting people on Facebook. I wish the stupid hag was gone forever.