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Darryl Boyer responds to St. Johns GOP chair allegedly saying district won’t elect person of color. (Florida's Voice)

Note to Dr. Blake Paterson, M.D., St. Johns County Republican Chair: In 2008, St. Johns County Republicans elected Joseph Kenneth Bryan to St. Johns County Commission, District 5, with 43% of the vote in the closed Republican Primary. 

Hence, Dr. Blake Paterson's cavils about supposed the non-electability of a Black man is, at best, facetious.  In Dr. Paterson's defense, I once felt the same way before Barack Hussein Obama, a Black man, was nominated and elected President, and made our country proud.  I was wrong.  

FYI:  I will be voting for the best candidate in the 19th District race.  I support Captain Adam Morley, a proud Democrat. One-party rule in Tallahassee and the St. Johns County Taj Mahal creates collusion, corruption and overdevelopment. Every single overdevelopment project was supported in St. Johns County by all-Republican votes on County Commission. Every single one. 

What do you reckon?

Darryl Boyer responds to St. Johns GOP chair allegedly saying district won’t elect person of color

Published Aug. 23, 2023, 6:39 p.m. ET | Updated Aug. 23, 2023

Blake Paterson, St. Johns GOP Republican Executive Committee chair, and Darryl Boyer, running for Florida State House District 19. (Photos/St. John's GOP; Darryl Boyer)
Blake Paterson, St. Johns GOP Republican Executive Committee chair, and Darryl Boyer, running for Florida State House District 19. (Photos/St. John's GOP; Darryl Boyer)

Lydia Nusbaum and Michelle Vecerina contributed to this report.

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. (FLV) – St. Johns GOP Republican Executive Committee Chairman Blake Paterson drew criticism after allegedly claiming voters in Darryl Boyer‘s State House District 19 election will not elect a Black man to that office.

In response to the claims, Paterson told Florida’s Voice that he had asked Boyer what it was like running for office in some Northeast Florida counties, which “are historically extremely racist counties.” Paterson also said Boyer’s letter did not express the support the party had offered him. 

Boyer, a Black Republican, is running alongside two other Republicans to represent the district, which covers Flagler and a portion of St. Johns County.

In an email obtained by Florida’s Voice, Boyer reported that Paterson told him the district “isn’t ready to elect a person of color to the House or Senate.”

“You know you’re going to lose,” Paterson purportedly said. “This part of Florida isn’t ready to elect a person of color to the House or Senate.”

Boyer fired back in an email, saying Paterson’s comments make him an “offender” in the GOP of the same kind of “false narratives from Democrats and some of the media.”

However, Paterson’s written response to Boyer called the letter “slanderous,” saying Paterson demonstrated empathy to Boyer’s life story. 

“Having spent the first 20 years of my life in Latin America living, working and being educated with people of color, as an adoptive father of a special needs son from overseas and the grandparent of a biracial child. I am most empathic to your life history, which empathy I believe I demonstrated,” Paterson wrote to Boyer.

In Boyer’s letter, he called himself a “proud” 24-year-old member of the Republican “and I happen to be Black.”

“I’ve always known that doesn’t sit well with many on the left. Lord knows they’re not shy about sharing their disappointment in me,” Boyer wrote. 

“Mr. Paterson may not believe I belong in this race, but to discourage a young conservative from participating in our democracy is wrong and contrary to the values shared by the Florida Republicans I know,” he explained. 

Paterson said he had offered support to Boyer through interviews and training. 

“We received you and your manager in our office graciously and I offered to bring you into the REC through our process of interviews, training, and I told you about the canvassing work that we hope to do for campaigns such as yours once the primaries are in,” Paterson wrote to Boyer. 

“I offered to work with you personally to set up WebElect. It is a pity that we closed the office door to have our 3 way conversation, given what you have just penned,” Paterson continued. 

Boyer was endorsed by Rep. Webster Barnaby, R-Deltona, in May for the seat.

“Darryl Boyer is a principled leader who will be a strong advocate for his constituents,” Barnaby said. “I encourage the communities of Flagler County and St. Johns County to support and vote for my friend, Darryl Boyer for Florida State Representative.”

Boyer’s campaign touted his “strong record of leadership.”

He recently served as a legislative aide to Barnaby. He served as treasurer for the Republican Executive Committee, he worked on the campaign for Sen. Corey Simon, R-Tallahassee, and served as House Speaker Paul Renner’s travel aide.

“While serving under Speaker Paul Renner, Senator Corey Simon, and Representative Webster Barnaby I have always felt respected and valued,” Boyer continued in his email.

“I believe in our party and the opportunities it has afforded me to be a part of the team that is making Florida stronger for everyone,” Boyer said. 

Others who announced their candidacies for District 19 include Republican Donald O’Brien, Republican James St. George, and Democrat Thomas Adam Morley, according to Florida Department of State records

“That being said you are always still welcome to discuss with me your concerns about my observations that there is much to live in life beyond politics,” Patterson said.

“Your comments aside, I am truly sorry that you felt offended by anything you thought I said,” he ended his letter to Boyer with. 

The St. Johns GOP Chair was also recently criticized for a June 1 meeting that resulted in a 911 call.

During the June 1 REC meeting, Paterson was criticized after making a 911 call for an alleged “ruckus,” asking police to remove some people. 

Paterson told the dispatcher there was a verbal and “almost physical” disruption at the meeting with five to six people arguing, according to a 911 call Florida’s Voice obtained. 

However, St. Johns County GOP Vice Chairman Jaime Parham told Florida’s Voice that Paterson would not begin the meeting until everyone sat down, leading him to call the police in an attempt to have the people standing removed from the meeting.

Florida’s Voice had tried to set up an interview with Paterson for that story on two occasions and he did not accept that offer.


Anonymous said...

Also, GOP chair Blake Patterson said he would "harvest the hell out of ballots." Reason being that "democrats do it to." Was this before or after Democrats supposedly did this and what does that say about you when you shame the other side for doing it and then you turn around and vow to do this? Republicans are the most dishonest people I ever did see.

Anonymous said...

How much more punishment does the nation have to suffer before we stop listening to people who claim that pink elephants can fly all in the name of democracy?