Monday, July 19, 2010

Abuse of Airport Authority? Republicans, MICHAEL GOLD and "TARBALL" Rep. JOHN LUIGI MICA, planning Republicans-only fete at our St. Augusitne Airport

St. Augustine Airport -- site of exclusionary Republicans-only rally on August 9th, in violation of Airport rules requiring disclaimers and nondiscrimination

JOHN LUIGI MICA a/k/a "TARBALL" to speak at all-Republican fete -- no, it's not fall, but MICA is campaigning after all, to Republican-only crowd led by racist MICHAEL GOLD f/k/a "MICHAEL TOBIN"

MICHAEL GOLD f/k/a "MICHAEL TOBIN," St. Johns County Republican PR Chair, hosts Rep. MICA at Republican-only fete in possible violation of Airport Authority rules (no disclaimer in two items below that the Airport does not endorse or hold this rally).

Congressman JOHN MICA a/k/a "JOHN LUIGI MICA" a/k/a TARBALL will be the lead-dog speaker at an exclusionary gathering on August 9, 2010 right here in St. Augustine, Florida:

1. Registered Republicans only.

2. On government property, no less.

3. Subsidized by you and me (and the federal government, to wit, the FAA).

4. With no disclaimer, in violation of a government policy that says, "All advertisements, announcements, press releases, flyers, etc. relating to meetings must clearly state the meeting is not sponsored by the Authority, its staff or the Airport." (emphasis in original). Underlining the importance of this rule, the application form for Airport events states above the signature line, "I hereby acknowledge and certify that the information provided is a true representation of the size, scope and activities planned for my event and that I understand and agree to the policy and regulations pertaining to this event promulgated by the Airport Authority." Of course, St. Johns County Republicans do not play by anyone's rules. They do not have any disclaimers in their ads and promotions (see above and below).

5. With a speech by the only Florida Congressman who supports offshore oil drilling, in a place where access is controlled and only Republicans (registered ones) can attend.

6. Despite MICA having claimed he was so unfazed by Democratic candidate Heather Beaven that he did not plan on campaigning until after Labor Day. (Check your clock and your calendar). This MICA-lie is so good you have to see it for yourself -- on June 30, 2010, the Jacksonville Observer said: "U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Orlando, is so confident of his chances that he won't even be campaigning until the fall. 'We ramp it up later in September,' Mica said Tuesday." On the Internet at

7. Thus, Congressman JOHN LUIGI MICA is more worried about Heather Beaven than he lets on, thinking he would lie about not campaigning until the fall when he is plainly campaigning during the dog days of August (August 9th).

8. Thus, as St. Johns County Republicans have done in the past, they're blatantly misuing government facilities for campaign purposes -- not including the requisite disclaimer (item 4). In the past, St. Johns County Republicans on the County Commission voted unanimously in 2005 to allow reprobate ex-UNESCO Ambassador Alan Keyes to hold a subsidized anti-Gay hate rally (fee-free) in the World Golf Village Convention Center (for which we have $16.9 million in bonded indebtedness), in violation of five different policies of the St. Johns County Commission.

9. Thus, JOHN MICA is speaking at a rally convened and run by haters (MICHEAL GOLD) at an airport for which he purports to have worked to get federal grants, without the requisite federal grants.

10. Plus, according to the Airport Authority's policy, "The Authority requires that all groups hosting events will uphold high ethical standards...." We know the Republicans do not have high ethical standards, as evidenced by their self-admitted practice of stealing Democrats' signs throughout St Johns County. Plus, according to the Airport Authority's policy, groups holding events must not only "uphold high ethical standards," but they must do so "without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability." That would definitely not include St. Johns County Republicans (or GOLD), whose racism is routinely brandished. Look at the rabid, reactionary racist hatred directed by GOLD and local Republicans toward Commissioner Ken Bryan and wife Lauren (Ken is a registered Republican, but someone who has endured years of racist abuse from GOLD and local Republicans).

See two items below and the one above. What's going on here?

Controversial hate site proprietor and Republican political operative MICHAEL GOLD f/k/a "MICHAEL TOBIN" has announced (see two items below), there will be a get out the vote rally at the Northeast Florida Regional Airport at St. Augustine f/k/a St. Augustine Airport on August 9, 2010, limited to "registered Republicans."

All Registered Republicans are invited to attend the GOLD/MICA KonKlave and report the bigoted demagogic speeches by GOLD, MICA and their ilk.

What do you reckon?

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