Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Defying Public Outcry, Legislature Adjourns Without Taking Action on Offshore Oil Drilling

SPEAKER CRETUL ("I am Big Oil's tool.")

TARBALL (Congressman JOHN MICA) with his oleaginous pal GEORGE W. BUSH

Big Oil Lobbyist DAVID MICA

You've got to hand it to the Repug thugs. They and DAVID MICA, the brother of Congressman JOHN MICA a/k/a "JOHN LUIGI MICA" a/k/a "TARBALL," are blocking any action by legislators that would let Florida voters vote on a Constitutional amendment. See below.

These nasty 'ole Republicans take their lead from Big Oil lobbyist DAVID MICA, brother of Rep. JOHN LUIGI MICA, a/k/a "TARBALL," who is the only Florida Congressman who supports offshore oil drilling. These are other-directed, willful reprobates.

Our City of St. Augustine (thanks to Gina Burrell) and City of St. Augustine Beach (thanks to Robin Nadeau) each voted 4-1 to support a constitutional amendment banning offshore oil drilling off Florida's coasts.

Our reprobate WILLIAM L. PROCTOR also supports offshore oil drilling. He faces a tough primary fight and whoever wins the primary will face Doug Courtney of Palm Coast.

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