Friday, July 10, 2015


Defeated Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, Jr., Master Schemer, Defeated by We The People
Is Flori-DUH really the "DUMBSHINE" State?
Did we really let Florida Republican state legislators (successors to the Pork Chop Gang), their apparatchik/lobbyist MARK REICHELDERFER (and a few deluded Democratic Congresspeople like CORINNE BROWN) deprive the Sunshine State of fair election districts by secrecy, evidence destruction and gerrymandering of Congressional Districts that favors Republicans?
Read the Florida Supreme Court's landmark League of Women Voters v. Denzner decision, below. Elbridge Gerry gave the world the nickname "Gerrymandering." Shall we take the name of MARK REICHELDERFER and call it "REICHELDERFERING" as practiced in FLORI-DUH, the DUMBSHINE STATE?
Did we really let ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS and Mayor JOE BOLES have a no-bid lease of valuable commercial property at below market rates?
Did we really fine LEN WEEKS only $3600 for recklessly destroying a 211-year old Spanish colonial building?
Did we really let Mayor JOE BOLES et pals outsource the 450th to a secret "First America Foundation, giving it $275,000?
Yes, but we ended it and got most of our money back, thanks to pro bono legal work by Holland & Knight.
Did we really let millionaire lawyer DAVID BARTON CORNEAL -- a parvenu State College, Pennsylvania private property owner here -- threaten not to close on 102 Bridge Street based on false pretenses, obtain from cowed cowardly Commissioners a unique architectural excavation fee waiver on false pretenses, buy the Dow Museum of Historic Homes in the Old City South neighborhood, tear down one of the historic buildings (without waiting for appeal time to expire)?
Read the Record's editorial, below, supporting demolition reform.
Did then-Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR. meet in secret for hours with DAVID BARTON CORNEAL, who purchased the Dow Museum of Historic Homes on Halloween, with the dirty deed not filed in the Clerk Court's office until the day after the Mayoral Election?
Did City Manager JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E. really tell First Coast News that he was "thrilled" that a dumb 'ole developer had bought the Dow Museum of Historic Homes?
Yes. Watch here.
Did bully buyer DAVID BARTON CORNEAL really tell First Coast News that he was "happy as the Devil" that he bought the Dow Museum of Historic Homes and was going to turn it into luxury suites?
Yes. Watch here.
Will our City Commissioners celebrate our 450th anniversary knuckle under to the Temple Destroyer DAVID BARTON CORNEAL's indecent demand to take the remaining eight homes he has not yet destroyed and demand a Planned Unit Development to inflict nightly rentals on the most historic neighborhood in St. Augustine, Old City South?
My prediction: No.
Wonder why?
We the People got Riberia Street paved properly for the first time ever, invoking the Fourteenth Amendment and civil rights laws.
Yes we did.
We the People stopped a scheme to take 2000 truckloads of contaminated solid waste, put dirt on top of it and call it a park.
Yes we did.
We the People halted a plan to build an ugly building across the street from the St. Augustine Cathedral Basilica.
Yes we did.
We the People halted eminent domain threats to two historic neighborhoods.
Yes we did.
We the People stopped an illegal scheme to buy a $1.8 million no-bid luxury jet helicopter, winning a full refund of the deposit.
Yes we did.
We the People defeated Mayor Joseph LESTER BOLES, JR. and elected Mayor Nancy Shaver (a/k/a "upstart" to BOLES' cronies -- that was the actual word used in news story by reporter for St. Augustine Record on August 27, 2014).
Yes we did.
We the People stopped 7-Eleven from inflicting twelve gasoline pumps next to the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and across from the carousel at the failing dysfunctional intersection of May and San Marco.
Yes we did.
We the People stopped two too-tall hotels on U.S. 1 -- the schemers' scheme lost two unanimous votes on first reading.
We will also stop a hare-brained scheme for a hotel in the Old City South neighborhood.
Come speak on Monday, July 13 & 27th -- ask Mayor Nancy Shaver and City Commissioners to reject the PUD proposal on first reading, just as they did the two too-tall hotels on January 27, 2015.
Yes we can!
We the People have won more than 30 victories since 2005. Read here.
Yes we will, again!

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