Thursday, July 09, 2015

May 11, 2009: City Learns Federal Court Ruled First Amendment Violated By Anti-Artist Ordinances

On May 11, 2009, St. Augustine city officials learned that they lost in federal court (again) in another First Amendment case (again), brought by artists against the City's antediluvian anti-art, anti-music, anti-fun fatwa.  Here' s the story of how they attempted to "spin" and manipulate the news (again) that night.   The artists have now filed another lawsuit -- watch St. Augustine City Manager JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E. (designated "Minister of Propaganda" by fellow staff members, a title he earned and gloried in for years.) Watch City Manager REGAN try to "spin" this one as our 450th approaches on September 8, 2015.  Enough lawbreaking. Read the story here:

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