Saturday, July 11, 2015

Quotes: St. Augustine Record Editorial Page


“There’s really little to say when you’re presented with a gift like this because it takes your breath away ... there’s really nothing to say other than thank you.” -- Nancy Shaver, Mayor of St. Augustine re: gift of two new carved lions at Bridge of Lions east end by Wolfgang and Mikie Schau

“Outside of City Hall, it has not been civil ... I don’t enjoy it when it gets nasty. It’s not nice to see people acting like that ... I‘m not going to launch a personal attack. I find the whole (democratic) process stimulating.” -- Blake Souder re: DAVID BARTON CORNEAL's noisome gaggle at City Commission meetings.

“We don’t want the noise; we don’t want the congestion ... It’s going to change the complexion of the neighborhood.” -- Fred Novak, re: DAVID BARTON CORNEAL's plans to wreak his wealthy hotel on the Old City South neighborhood, the most protected zoning category in our Nation's Oldest City (HP-1).

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