Thursday, October 08, 2015

"Follow the money": Disclose Clients of Commissioners

-- FBI Assistant Director  Mark Felt (a/k/a "Deep Throat" confidential source) to 
Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward during Watergate, 1972 

In 2008, when NANCY SIKES-KLINE first ran for City Commission, she told five of us at The Tasting Room that dumping a landfill in a lake was "a mistake."

Reckon it was a "mistake" that we ever elected her?

Reckon it was a "mistake" that we ever elected the likes and ilk of NANCY SIKES-KLINE, JOE BOLES, DON CRICHLOW, TODD NEVILLE and other-directed, developer-driven City Commissioners who "know not that they know not that they know not," and errantly rubber-stamp unjust decisions by bootlickers on our developer-directed City staff (e.g., DOW PUD)?

I agree with Mr. Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr.: we need a city-county Ethics Commission, with a strong ordinance, to compel disclosures and root out conflicts of interest.

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Anonymous said...

its time for all commissioners and city board volunteers to disclose all their business relationships