Sunday, October 04, 2015

Watching faux FOX NEWS

I watched faux FOX News for eight hours on October 2, 2015.
Really nice hairstyles and makeup, on some of the most vapid, vacuous, vicious commentators ever -- do people really listen to this schtick every day?
Do the news readers and commenters get their hair cut every day?  (My mother warned me "never to trust a man without a hair out of place.")  It was an experiment.
Not like Lincoln's "public opinion baths."
More like a freak show -- with lots of commercials aimed at insecurities (BUY GOLD! TAKE DRUGS! BUY FANCY CARS!)  Some of the commercials were repeated twice and thrice in a row. Must not have enough advertisers, so the right-wing ones pay extra for extra commercials to avoid "dead air."
Where did these energumens get their scripts?
Who taught them in what schools?
Why are they so hateful of President Obama.
Could not wait to see their Philistinism after the President's press conference.
Picky picky picky prickly energumens.

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