Thursday, June 15, 2017


Capt. Lee Geanuleas, U.S.N. (Ret.) writes about fraudulent misrepresentations by Commissioners TODD DAVID NEVILLE a/k/a "ODD TODD"  (left) and NANCY SIKES KLINE (second from left) about neighborhood opposition to KANTI PATEL'S illegal demand to torch City zoning law.  Enough flummery, dupery and nincompoopery from the Gang of Four.

Neighbors, I hope you’re sitting down because this might get your heart going and your blood pumping.
You may remember at the City Commission’s First Reading of the proposed San Marco Hotel parking PUD rezoning this past Monday, a resident asked the commissioners why they seemed to completely discount the 36 of 40 official city neighborhood response forms that were against the rezoning (three were in favor of the rezoning and one took no position).
If you recall, Commissioners Neville and Sikes-Kline said the forms seemed “sort of fishy” because many of them contained the same verbiage against rezoning and that they really weren’t from people affected by the rezoning of Barnacle Bill’s.
That seemed odd so I got the response forms from the City Clerk and mapped the addresses for each one.
Well, the picture below shows the result. The pink dots show those households against the rezoning (21 separate households with 36 total people) and the dark dots are those in favor (two households and one business representing three total people). Each form has a unique signature and the resident’s printed name, so they are all legitimate.
Wow! Does that picture make anyone else wonder just what in the heck Neville and Sikes-Kline were thinking?!! All the folks who submitted a form certainly look like they’re in the affected neighborhood. I mean, look at Grove Ave, it’s a veritable pink flamingo convention!
Now Neville and Sikes-Kline made a big deal about multiple forms from a single address and there are two cases of multiple family members submitting forms. So what? Even if you don’t count individuals and just look at households, 88% of the households in the neighborhood that submitted forms were against the rezoning.
It’s a total blowout!
So here we catch our Commissioners using what appear to be some pretty lame and unsupportable excuses to ignore an overwhelming response from people directly affected by this proposed rezoning.
I guess we shouldn’t be shocked. So far in this thing Neville, Freeman, Sikes-Kline and Horvath have ignored:
1. The PZB,
2. The Comprehensive Plan,
3. The City Code,
4. The purpose of Historic Preservation zoning,
5. Multiple egregious mistakes by city staff, and
6. Misinformation from the developer.
To this long and undistinguished list we can now add; the input of city residents directly affected by the rezoning!
And this from Horvath and Freeman who campaigned on "livability" in the last election. Maybe they were talking about hotel guests?

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