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Sheriff DAVID SHOAR Interrogated At League of Women Voters Forum, Leaves 38 Minutes Early

The New York Times and PBS Frontline exposed Sheriff DAVID SHOAR's coverup of the Michelle O'Connell case in 2013.

St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR (right) with one of his enablers, controversial County Administrator MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK

Speaking to a St. Johns County League of Women Voters Friday public forum on June 2, 2017, fourth-term St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR pronounced St. Johns County was "the best county in the country."

SHOAR, f/k/a "HOAR" gently began his sales pitch to some eighteen people meeting at St. Augustine Beach City Hall. He projected or affected empathy toward mental illness and addictions, a theme oft-repeated in his public appearances.  He promoted his "social responsibility unit."

Hearing him talk, you'd think he was a mensch. Yet this is the same willful man who covered up the Michelle O'Connell and Andrea Sheldon shootings, violated the Fourth Amendments of attorney Mary Jane Gennusa (as found by four federal judges), caters to developers, retaliates against people who disagree with him (ruining careers) and presides as Republican political boss of corrupt St. Johns County, which he called "the best county in the country."

There are more than 3000 counties, and he is just whistling Dixie, buttering up yokels who want to believe him.  So much for hopelessly provincial Babbitt-like puffery

SJCCEC Chair Nell Toensmann

After Sheriff SHOAR's opening remarks, during questions, Ms. Nell Toensmann warmed things up by inquiring about her son being held incommunicado without a telephone call allowed that wasn't collect (cell phones can't accept collect calls -- this forced their son to contact a bail bondsman, one of several listed as accepting collect calls). Things were further delayed because of delays obtaining a release from the Department of Homeland Security for her son, who is a German national with an American passport, supposedly because of generic terrorism concerns about foreigners. Ms. Toensmann had to ask a Sheriff's employee to call rather than just send a fax.

Oh, and by the way, Ms. Toensmann is the Democratic Chairman for St. Johns County.

No word as to any response from Sheriff SHOAR, who feigned ignorance about collect calls only policies that funnel business to bail bondsman, not the most savory profession in town.

Yes, Sheriff SHOAR was absolutely flummoxed. He claimed he had "never heard of" the injustices Ms. Tonesmann described, and promised to get back to her.

Sheriff SHOAR came off as a gullible conman, who said Friday that developers in St. Johns County are "pretty nice people."

I asked about developer control over him and other government officials, Sheriff Shoar said developers are "pretty nice people," as if they were locals and the League of Women voters were hicks. I reminded Shoar that these are multinational corporations on Wall Street, who "own you guys," and that they get their way, noting that developers and commercial allies spent some $189,000 for a one-half cent sales tax increase in 2015 in an off-year election, avoiding thereby some $150,000,000 in property taxes and impact fees over ten years, a return on investment (ROI) of 33,200%.

How gauche and louche -- how incredibly insulting -- multinational corporate developers are raping our land, destroying our trees and wetlands, destroying our way of life, and buying our politicians. "They own you," I told SHOAR, adding that he and other Republicans are "addicted" to their campaign contributions. St. Johns County is lax on law enforcement relating to developers, doing their bidding in every way imaginable.

I asked SHOAR about Andrea Sheldon, body cameras, developers and stolen elections (use of phony write-in candidates to close universal primaries in violation of 1998 Constitutional Amendment approved by the voters (Article VI, section 5(b).

Sorehead SHOAR darkly referred to Andrea Sheldon, his father's "lovely lovely hospice nurse" as "living in the middle of the woods" with a "Jacksonville firefighter (actually her husband, Rick, who's suing Shoar for wrongful death. SHOAR also falsely claimed SJSO announced itself before firing 30 rounds at Andrea Sheldon (Shoard did not mention the two minute answering machine tape during the shooting, which has no sounds of SJSO deputies on it).

Asking for some eighteen mid-morning LWV attendees' opinions on body cameras, Shoar's views were poorly received. One incredulous lady said that body camera video would "prove that law enforcement was right." Shoar repeated his rote mantras against body cameras (privacy), threatening to come back and talk about it for 15 minutes. I encouraged him, saying "Go for it!" Upon further cross-examination, Sheriff SHOAR admitted he had no principled opposition to a newfangled body camera system, one that reported turns the video recorder on whenever the gun is unholstered. Sheriff Shoar indicated he should clear the way for St. Johns County Commissioners, all Republicans, to consider enhancing Shoar's budget to pay for body cameras. Along the same lines, Shoar was agreeable to a hypothetical state law that would require a court order to view his body camera individual privacy bete noir examples of a youngster committing suicide or being intoxicated and "urinaging and defecating on herself", as if those examples should empower deputies too provoke, beat and shoot people they don't like without a video record.

I asked about local elections and "universal primaries" required by Article VI, Section 5(b) of our Florida Constitution. St. Johns County Republicans are using shills to close what would otherwise be universal primary elections when all candidates running for an office are members of one party, and there is no opposition -- election-stealing former Florida Secretary of State Katharine Harris carved a loophole with her name on it in the 1998 Constitutional Amendment adopted by voters. Mutatis mutandis, the term "opposition" now includes shills who are not serious candidates, like the Republican arachnid apparatchiks who in 2016 closed universal primaries for Sheriff, Clerk and two County Commission races. SHOAR opined that there should not be partisan elections for Sheriff. And so it goes.

Looking exhausted and looking at his watch, SHOAR departed at approximately 11:22 PM, some 38 minutes early. In the words of Wm. F. Buckley, Jr., "why does baloney reject the grinder?" The forum was scheduled to last until noon.  SHOAR bailed with time on the clock.  He couldn't handle truth.

The provincial sadistic hick hack SHOAR, whose name was legally changed from "HOAR" in 1994, left without my asking about Michelle O'Connell. Perhaps I tipped my hand when I used the phrase "bare naked autopsy photos" when describing the Dale Earnhardt law in the context of body cameras. SHOAR probably drew the inference that I was fixing to ask about his hired hand Medical Examiner, Dr. PREDRAG BULIC and his lawbreaking being defended by County Attorney PATRICK FRANCIS McCORMACK and County Executive MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK, when I used the phrase "bare naked autopsy photos."

Shifty Sheriff SHOAR looked morbidly overweight. Karma is catching up with him, perhaps.

To be continued….

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