Thursday, August 10, 2017

State's Attorney R.J. LARIZZA Recuses Himself From Scott O'Connell Domestic Violence Case

State's Attorney R.J. LARIZZA has recused himself from prosecuting former Sheriff's Deputy Scott O'Connell for allegedly punching his wife Beth in the face. Governor RICHARD LYNN SCOTT has appointed the newly-elected reform Fourth Circuit State's Attorney, Melissa Nelson, to prosecute and she has appointed Assistant State's Attorney Katelyn Johnston.
Meanwhile, Beth O'Connell has contacted Scott O'Connell's criminal defense attorney, Daniel A. Mowrey, asking that the standard Florida domestic violence no contact order be modified, because Scott O'Connell has the family's only automobile. A responsive order on the no-contact order modification issue was issued by County Court Judge Charles Tinlin on August 8, 2017, stating inter alia that Scott is to have "no violent contact" with Beth O'Connell.
Scott O'Connell is the brother of Michelle O'Connell, who was shot to death in the home of Sheriff's Deputy JEREMY BANKS in BANKS' home, with BANKS' service weapon on September 2, 2010.
The New York Times' 2013 and 2017 stories and PBS Frontline story established beyond peradventure that there has been a coverup of massive proportions, a fact ignored by the hick hack local newspaper, The St. Augustine Record, which is in bed with SHOAR.
In 2011, Sheriff SHOAR fired O'Connell when he threatened to blow up the Sheriff's Department upon being told by special prosecutor BRADLEY KING that he was refusing to prosecute BANKS. SCOTT O'CONNELL then met with Sheriff SHOAR and BETH O'CONNELL, with SHOAR interrogating SCOTT O'CONNELL about FDLE Special Agent Rusty Ray Rodgers. SCOTT O'CONNELL was then rehired, part of SHOAR's obstruction of justice scheme revealed in The New York Times. After he allegedly punched his wife, SCOTT O'CONNELL was placed on leave without pay, and later resigned.
Unlike SCOTT O'CONNELL, SHERIFF SHOAR placed JEREMY BANKS on paid leave for thirteen months while he was under investigation for killing Michelle O'Connell.
This corrupt, typical Southern Sheriff stinks on ice.

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