Monday, February 12, 2018

President* TRUMP Shows the Way -- How NOT to Be President

Evocative column by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times.

Trump Shows Us the Way

By Maureen Dowd
The New York Times
February 11, 2018

Hope Hicks, who was dating her disgraced colleague Rob Porter, consults with her boss, President Trump. Credit Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump slipped into the Oval Office through a wormhole of confusion about the American identity.

We weren’t winning wars anymore. They just went on and on and on, with inexplicable and deceptive aims and so many lives and limbs and trillions lost.

We couldn’t believe in our institutions, with breaches of trust and displays of ineptitude.

We were moving from a white-majority, male-dominated country and manufacturing base to a multicultural, multilateral, globalized, P.C., new energy, new technology world, without taking account of the confusion and anger of older Americans who felt like strangers in a strange land.

Among many, the allure of Barack Obama’s brainy nuance had given way to a longing for a more muscular certainty.

With the Russians sowing confusion, Trump surfed those free-floating anxieties, that fear of not knowing who we are, straight to Pennsylvania Avenue.

And now, thanks to our barmy president and his staff meltdown, we are finding out fast who we are and who we don’t want to be.

We don’t want to countenance abusive behavior. And we certainly don’t want men like Rob Porter who have punched, kicked, choked and terrorized their wives to be in the president’s inner circle, helping decide which policies, including those that affect women, get emphasized.

We don’t want the White House chief of staff to be the sort of person who shields and defends abusers — and then dissembles about it — simply because the abuser is a rare competent staffer. Or a man who labels Dreamers “too lazy to get off their asses” simply because they didn’t apply for legal protections in time.

John Kelly served as a character witness not only for Porter, after he didn’t receive security clearance because F.B.I. agents had heard the harrowing tales from his battered ex-wives. Kelly also testified as a character witness for Gen. Robert E. Lee and a former Marine who pleaded guilty to sending inappropriate sexual messages to female subordinates; who drove drunk to an arraignment; and who got charged in Virginia with sex crimes against children.

A military hero like General Kelly who made the ultimate sacrifice of losing a son in war should have a higher standard for integrity and honor, the words he lavished on his disgraced aide, Porter.

We want our president to be a moral beacon, not a ratings-obsessed id. We want a president who understands that sexual and physical abuse are wrong. As a more lucid Trump tweeted in 2012 about Rihanna getting back together with Chris Brown, “A beater is always a beater.”

We don’t want a president who bends over backward to give the benefit of the doubt to neo-Nazis, wife beaters, pedophiles and sexual predators — or who is a sexual predator himself. We don’t want a president who thinks #me is more important than #metoo.

We don’t want a president who flips the ordinary equation, out of some puerile sense of grievance, to honor Russia and dishonor the F.B.I.

We don’t want a president who believes that vile behavior is justified by a Vesuvial stock market.

We don’t want a president who is too shallow to read his daily intelligence report and too obsessed with the deep state to deal fairly with our intelligence agencies.

We don’t want a president who is on a sugar high of ego, whose demented tweets about nukes and crowd size scare even Omarosa.

We don’t want a president who redecorates the Oval as an infinity mirror.

We don’t want a president who suggests that Democrats who don’t clap for him are treasonous and who seems more enthralled by authoritarian ways than democratic ones.

We don’t want a president who promises an A team but surrounds himself with dreckitude, a president who vows to pass “the best” bills but then doesn’t care whether he’s selling steak, wine, condos or garbage policies on matters of life and death that he hasn’t even bothered to read.

We don’t want a president who goes to military school but never leaves; who loves generals but trashes Gold Star parents; who wants the sort of chesty military parade that we mock Kim Jong-un for, a phallic demonstration of overcompensation that would only put more potholes in the D.C. boulevards.

We don’t want a president who makes his version of make-believe real, and who looks with favor on deceit, hypocrisy, conflict of interest and nepotism.

We don’t want a president who merits a special prosecutor, let alone one who could be so easily trapped in lies that he can’t even be allowed to talk to an investigator.

We don’t want a president who treats the hallowed house where Abraham Lincoln once wrote the nation’s most sacred texts as the set of a cheesy reality show.

We don’t want a president who treats the presidency as just another personal business franchise or family employment program.

We don’t want a president who glides through the chaos he craves and conjures, while everyone around him immolates and shivers.

And, finally, we surely don’t want a president who seeks advice on foreign affairs from Henry Kissinger. Ever. Again.


Warren Celli said...

Evocative column? Or inflammatory column, in the New York Slimes?

The perpetual conflict in the masses program continues to expand, full spectrum dominance is right around the corner — closet Nazis all!

Keep on pretending.

Anonymous said...

Every day I keep thinking and hoping that the Trump White House can't get any worse - every day I am sadly proven wrong and Trump manages to hit a new low.

As depressing as this fact is it is even more depressing that Trump's supporters seemingly do not care - the worse it gets the more they love him!

At the recent Made in St Augustine fest I saw a man wearing a t-shirt which was emblazoned with bold letters which stated GOD, GUNS and TRUMP...Make America Great Again.

I have to say on a positive note: In years past societies idiots and fools usually sort of blended with the crowd..unless you actually spoke with the idiot it was usually hard to immediately pick out the morons in the crowd.

Today it is so much easier... all the morons and idiots are kind enough to wear idiot labels such as the t-shirt mentioned above. It makes the job of spotting fools so much easier...Trump t-shirt= idiot...oh there is one...oh boy there is another one....hey everyone look at the fool over here!

Now with this handy new label...if only we could manage to stop them from breeding:)

Warren Celli said...

Anonymous — good comment. I don't believe its a matter of breeding as much as it is a matter of education.

You can shun them just as you would shun smokers or drunks or the gangster city submissioners downtown... also visible signs of twisted morality.


"What To Do...

• First and foremost; work to deprogram yourself from the brainwashing. Be more skeptical and question all authority. Turn off your TV. Garbage in equals garbage out. You do not need to fill your head with the incessant deceptive harangue of corporate others trying to sell you their products and services or ideologies. Corporate media will rot your brain faster than a venomous snake bite.

• Second; realize that this is the few rich and powerful self anointed elite and their administrative class against the rest of us. We are many, they are few. [If you are a member of that jivey league, college educated, self anointed elite snob administrative class, go look in a mirror.]

• Recognize that you will not make positive remedial change within their system. Recognize that your local elections, like here in Saint Augustine, are all about the criminal Vanilla Greed for Profit administrative class fighting over their local crumb supply even as they are enveloped by a greater more evil force, Pernicious Greed for Destruction Xtrevilism. Those in either criminal group do not give a rat's ass about you or your friends or your family. Their insular arrogance and internecine bickering is now so pervasive that they no longer even take the time to give lip service to the wants and needs of the common person. It is all about them selfishly fighting over access to your wallet and controlling you. Yes, it is disheartening to learn that you have been deceived by those you have trusted for so many years and that you are living in an illusion, but the sooner you accept and embrace the reality the better off you will be."

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