Thursday, November 08, 2018

Another Victory: 125 Marine Street Rezoning Application WITHDRAWN By DAVID BARTON CORNEAL

November 6, 2018: Great victory on Election Night, as the application to rezone the garish mansion at 125 Marine Street was withdrawn.  It would have allowed a hotel at 125 Marine Street.  Dozens of people waited from 2 pm until after 6 pm, only to be belatedly told that applicant DAVID BARTON CORNEAL and his mouthpiece, James George Whitehouse of Douglas Nelson Burnett's St. Johns Law Group, had withdrawn this application.

Great victory, but why did the applicant wait to do it until hours after the meeting commenced?  And why did City staff wait nearly an hour to tell the people?

CORNEAL, BIRCHIM, et al. owe an apology to the people who waited for four (4) hours.

(I was still at home, emerging from the shower when I heard on live streaming tv that the application was withdrawn.)  Thus, I was not at City Hall to question BIRCHIM on the spot -- applicant's e-mail below establishes the time he knew).   Note the time stamp on the e-mail from Whitehouse to St. Augustine Planning and Zoning Director DAVID BIRCHIM.   How rude.

As President Bill Clinton said in his Second Inaugural, "Nothing great was ever accomplished by being small."

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