Saturday, October 19, 2019

Armed and Dangerous? St. Augustine Tea Party Threatens to Shoot "Communist Democrats"

There's St. Johns County Commissioner Jeb Smith, Vice Chairman of the SJC BoCC, in the blue shirt.

The FBI has your fingerprints on file, boys and girls.  From those misguided misanthropes at our St. Augustine Tea Party website, which claims support from St. Johns County Commission Vice Chairman Jeb Smith.  SATP satraps also preach hate against our St. Augustine City Manager, John Patrick Regan, P.E., of whom it says he should have been a social worker or a priest:

October 9, 2019
Gun Safety First

Photos by TCCR Staff
The Tea Party went WEST for October 8th Open Meeting, to the very edge of St. Johns County. Yes, there's lots of land out there and people packing 'heat'. To hone skills, there’s a 1000 yard gun range were you can sight your rifle. 
"In times like this, when shootings happen every night in Jacksonville, just north of St. Johns County, it is smart to pack 'heat' ”, says Lance Thate, St Augustine Tea Party (SATP) Chairman, "However remember to have a valid concealed permit for your hand piece".

Shootings and stabbings are on the increase in St. Augustine, once a sleepy historical city. Today, the City has a growing night life with drunkenness, growing civil lawlessness and a police force hamstrung by ‘Social Warrior', John P. Regan the City Manager, who should have been a social worker or a priest. Regan was thrilled when he helped clean up the septic tank problems in West Augustine but neglected residences on the beach. The last straw was Regan's claim that as City Manager he could have the ' Veterans Memorial in the Plaza taken down, in secret at night, in just 8 hours bypassing public protests. Former Mayor, Nancy Shaver, resisted and stopped him. His sympathy was for the 'race baiter’, Ron Rawls, and the "Take em Down" Communists from Jacksonville.

Out here in the West is Hastings, potato farming country, where a man is a MAN, a woman is a WOMAN and where County Commissioner, Jeb Smith, lives with his family. His children say "Yes, sir", "No, Sir”, "Yes Ma'am” and “No Ma'am". There is no androgyny permitted out here. People know the difference between a bull and a heifer!  Here’s Jeb, with Lance and Lucky Howe, a highly respected WW11 Marine Vet and Tea Party member.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Photos by TCCR Staff       

“So remember: When holding your pistol in your hand while talking to someone, don’t keep your finger on the trigger and do not point down to your foot or you might Shoot Yourself in the Foot!  Always keep your trigger finger outside the trigger guide”, Steve Moranda advised the Tea Party attendees.

Jeb's father, Wayne Smith, owns a gun shop, shooting range and a big spread and he is a man to be reckoned with. Mr. Smith hosted the Tea Party event.

"Well, Folks, we had a great time at the range. Keep your powder dry cause we’er gonna be a fussin with these Communist Democrats; the feud with the lying critters in D.C. is comin up soon. We all got guns and we know how to use em! Yes, Sireee!” Dave Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman, said in the spirit of the event.

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