Friday, October 18, 2019

Manatee County NAACP Leader speaks out after arrest at city council meeting (News Channel 8)

This is the kind of abuse of citizens that has Florida residents ready to elect new leaders in 2020.

Several past local Mayors in St. Augustine, and current St. Augustine Beach Mayor UNDINE PAWLOWSKI GEORGE have abused their powers to remove citizens from meetings, but no arrests.  Our new Mayor, Tracy Upchurch has not abused his powers.  He's a law and history professor at Flagler College.  Mayor Upchurch is a fine example of how a leader should act: treating everyone with dignity, respect and consideration.

The St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District Chairman, BARRY MARK BENJAMIN, could profit from his example.

Manatee County NAACP Leader speaks out after arrest at city council meeting

NAACP arrest
The head of the Manatee County NAACP was dragged out of a Bradenton city council meeting and arrested. Now he’s speaking out.
On Wednesday, public comment at the Bradenton city council meeting was over. But Rodney Jones, the president of the NAACP Manatee County Chapter wanted to speak, so the mayor of Bradenton let him approach the dais.
Jones started sharing his concerns that Bradenton police were intimidating him, but his three minutes were up.
“I need a little more time, sir, this is critical,” Jones snapped.
Jones refused to sit down.
“I’m going to finish either way. I’m going to finish either way.”
Bradenton police officers, including the chief urged him to sit, but he wouldn’t, so Jones was dragged away and arrested.
On Friday, he took as much time as he needed.
“I have put my entire life on the line. For this community and my family and these people here and I’ll do it again and I’ll do it again,” said Jones.
Jones says he’s been complaining to police about possible allegations of police brutality.
He says recently a mysterious car sat in front of his home, and he believes it could’ve been an unmarked police car keeping watch on him. He feels he’s being intimidated and he wants a full investigation.
“I go to complain about a complaint about my safety and my daughter and my community and I was removed!” cried Jones. “We believe that all people have a right to be safe. We believe all people have a right not to be intimidated.”
Bradenton police are investigating all his complaints. The NAACP has not responded to our requests for comment. 
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