Monday, August 30, 2010

UF Brechner Report: Venice Taxpayers League settles Sunshine suit against school

VENICE – The Venice Taxpayers League has reached a settlement in its open meetings lawsuit against the Sarasota County School Board.
The group alleged that the school board’s Financial Advisory Committee violated the Sunshine Law.
As part of the settlement, the school board will review its advisory committees to determine if they are subject to the Open Meetings Law, establish public e-mail accounts for advisory board members and provide annual open government training.
VTL has agreed to withdraw its public records requests and drop the lawsuit. The school board will pay $26,500 in attorney’s fees to VTL.
VTL’s attorney, Andrea Mogensen, also represented citizens in a Sunshine suit against the Venice City Council that resulted in an attorney’s fee award of more than $750,000.
Source: Venice Gondolier Sun

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