Tuesday, February 10, 2015

MORE ADA VIOLATIONS: Overflow Crowd Mistreated By City Hall, Including AMCD Commissioner Jeanne Moeller: She Will Be ADA Case Witness

Still not room enough for the people attending City Commission meetings. Last night, dozens of citizens were outside on a cold and rainy night, in the covered walkway of the City Hall and Lightner Museum courtyard, including elders and disabled people, watching on a small old tv with bad sound, sitting on a chair.

Instead of opening up the Lightner Museum lobby, they put chairs in the corridor, where people going to the rest rooms walked through, blocking the view of the tv as they walked to and from the rest rooms. No sign directed people in the other direction.

People who signed up to speak could not hear their names called.

Dirty tricksters on the City Hall staff have removed dozens of chairs since 2005, adding tables to take up space where city department directors sit.

Among those out in the cold were Commissioner Jeanne Jackson Moeller of the Anastasia Mosquito District of St. Johns County, re-elected to a third term in November. Commissioner Moeller is a person with a disability: she suffers from fibromyalgia.

Commissioner Moeller will be a witness in my Americans with Disabilities Act complaint filed with the Justice Department February 7, naming City Manager JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E., Police Chief LORAN LUNDERS and Assistant City Manager TIMOTHY BURCHFIELD for not providing enough chairs for Mayor Shaver's inauguration and for retaliating against me for ADA protected activity in complaining about it by issuing an illegal no-tresspass order for City Hall unless there is a meeting or appointment, and for making false accusations against me in the local newspaper.

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