Friday, August 14, 2015

Public Reading Rooms Needed Here for Open Records Requests -- Waiting on Substantive Responses to E-mail Sent Earlier Today

No substantive response yet. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Operations installed a public reading room with open shelf access to government access in 1983, after our Appalachian Observer newspaper won declassification of the largest mercury pollution event in world history, and I spoke to Oak Ridge City Council dog-and-pony show on May 23, 1983, cross-examining Department of Energy and Union Carbide goobers.
Some 32 years later, it is not too much to ask government officials to make available their documents where we can read them, with comfortable chairs and photocopy machines and computers, is it?
(St. Augustine City Hall has a tiny uncomfortable place without a window and without open-shelf access, next to the City Manager's palatial office).
-----Original Message-----
From: easlavin
Sent: Fri, Aug 14, 2015 12:35 pm
Subject: Request No. 2015-283: Public Reading Room at St. Augustine and City Augustine Beach City Halls and in St. Johns County Administration Building; My Petition for Rulemaking
Dear Messrs. Regan, Royle and Wanchick, et al.:
1. Please provide all documents discussing providing comfortable locations for citizens to read documents in our government buildings.
2. Please treat this as a Petition for Rulemaking to establish a Public Reading Room (PRR) in our three main government buildings, as a friendly comfortable place where citizens may read government documents, including those that have previously been disclosed, provided in filing cabinets, servers and bookshelves.
3. The Department of Energy Oak Ridge Operations established a PRR in response to my May 23, 1983 request, based upon the Securities and Exchange Commission's open shelf access to corporate disclosures.
Thank you.
With kindest regards,
Ed Slavin

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